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Facebook Says It’s Finally Ready to Start Cracking Down on Video Pirates

photo: Jesse Grant, Getty Images/Disney

Facebook is rolling out a “video matching technology” that will let content owners tell Facebook that a video clip belongs to them, and take it down if it’s not supposed to be there. It’s the first step to creating the equivalent of YouTube’s Content ID system, which the video giant built up over years as a response to its own copyright/piracy problems. After years of ignoring video, Facebook is now a major player, so this kind of effort was obvious and overdue. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Here’s what (you say) you’re watching on Netflix

photo: Netflix

More than half of Netflix viewers say they’ve watched “Orange Is the New Black” and nearly half say they’ve watched “House of Cards.” Marvel’s Daredevil,” released last spring, has done well, and so has “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (which is awesome — you should watch it if you haven’t). – Peter Kafka, Re/code

Disney and Maker Studios’ Big Deal May Be Smaller Than They Thought

photo: Re/Code

[I]ndustry sources say both sides of the transaction now seem less enthusiastic about each other, and there’s lots of speculation that Maker CEO Ynon Kreiz and other top execs will leave Disney at the end of this year — the same time that Maker’s earn-out period wraps up. And while Maker has continued to grow since the Disney acquisition, it doesn’t look like it will hit all of the “strong performance targets” Disney laid out at the beginning of the deal. People around Maker who thought the company would get the majority of its earn-out money now think Disney may end up paying half of the total by the time the deal ends. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

CBS Says Millennials Love TV. It Just Couldn’t Find Them.

photo: Stockernumber2, Shutterstock

[CBS]’s chief research officer, David Poltrack, acknowledged a recent Nielsen report showing an alarming 11 percent decline in viewing among viewers ages 18-34. Those viewers aren’t gone, we just couldn’t find them, he said. Until now. Surprise! They’re viewing on tablets, smartphones and screens other than the living room TV, or via streaming services like Netflix. The network is working with Symphony Advanced Media to try to find new ways to quantify viewing. – Dawn Chmielewski, Re/code

Americans Stream 135 Billion Songs in First Half of Year

photo: cinek20, iStock

Americans streamed a staggering 135 billion songs and music videos in the first half of 2015, nearly double this time a year ago, according to the latest data from Nielsen. […] The streaming numbers underscore a fundamental shift in how people get their music. Digital song sales fell 10.4 percent to 531.6 million. Total album sales, including CDs and digital albums, declined 4 percent to 116 million units. – Dawn Chmielewski, Re/code

YouTube Ads Don’t Support YouTube Videos, Says YouTube Producer on YouTube’s Stage

“For the most part, everything my brother and I have done, we’ve done largely without advertising. …Today, Hank and I have 30 employees helping us create shows that are both educational and fun to watch. And even though our subscribers and views have grown 10-fold in that time — 10 million and counting — less than 20 percent of our company’s revenue comes from advertising. And that percentage is shrinking by 5 percent every year.” – John Green via Peter Kafka, Re/code
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