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TV Binge-Watching World Record Set by Brooklyn Man With 94-Hour Session

Over the course of five days, Alejandro “AJ” Fragoso watched back-to-back episodes of shows including “Game of Thrones”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Twilight Zone,” “ Bob’s Burgers” and “Adventure Time” in a stunt sponsored by multimedia software company CyberLink. The viewing event, held at a midtown Manhattan apartment, began Friday, April 8, and the 94-hour mark was passed Tuesday just after 5 a.m. Eastern. – Todd Spangler, Variety

Vinyl brings in more money than YouTube for UK music labels

photo: Engadget

YouTube views aren’t translating into profit for British musicians, and even vinyl sales are bringing in more money. According to The Guardian, that is what British music industry association’s (BPI) head honcho, Geoff Taylor, claimed when he spoke at the Music Futures conference in England. – Mariella Moon, Engadget

Justin Bieber sets Spotify streaming record

Photo: Jeff Kravitz, MTV1415/FilmMagic

Justin Bieber’s new single What Do You Mean? now holds the record for the biggest first week ever at Spotify, breaking a record set just a few weeks ago by One Direction and Drag Me Down. Released Friday, What Do You Mean? got 21 million global streams in just its first five days, according to Nielsen Music. – Brian Mansfield, USA TODAY

Students from Wroclaw Establish 250km Long WiFi Connection Record

photo: Wireless Group

The students from Wroclaw have set Polish record with the help of a 250km (155.343 miles) long WiFi connection. This is the second longest in Europe and the third longest in the world. These students belong to the science group “ Wireless Group of the Technical University of Wroclaw.” – Adarsh Verma, fossBytes

No, Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Did Not Break YouTube Video Counter

Tech-news sites this week reported at face value a tongue-in-cheek posting from YouTube that Korean pop star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” — the site’s most-watched video ever with more than 2 billion views — had somehow “broken” YouTube’s video-views counting system. […] Among the ensuing coverage, CNET reported that YouTube “stalled for a bit,” noting that mousing over the counter caused it to spin erratically and display random numbers. But according to YouTube, the post about “Gangnam Style” forcing it to upgrade the video-view counter was a total joke. “It’s an easter egg,” a rep said. “We updated the counter to 64-bit months ago.” – Todd Spangler,Variety
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The Best Hidden Features of VLC

We’ve discussed plenty of ways to download YouTube videos before. However, you have one option already installed on your computer. VLC lets you play and download YouTube videos right from its desktop interface. Here’s how:

  1. Find a video on YouTube—like this one—and copy the URL from the address bar.
  2. In VLC, head to Media > Open Network Stream.
  3. Paste the YouTube link in the box and click Play.
  4. Under Tools, click Codec Information.
  5. In the box that says Location, right-click the block of text and click Select All. Copy this text to your clipboard.
  6. Go back to your browser and paste the link in the address bar. This will open the source file directly on YouTube’s servers.
  7. Right-click the video as it plays and select Save Video As.

You can also record clips from YouTube videos as they’re streaming in VLC by pressing the red Record button in the player itself. This isn’t as direct of a rip, but it’s handy if you need to grab a particular clip out of a long video. – Eric Ravenscraft,Lifehacker

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Firefighter creates live-streaming body cam with reliable storage solution

East St. Louis firefighter Rob Schield has been creating helmet cams for firefighters for years, and will soon unveil his newest product: […] The Oncall body camera has the capability to transmit live video, audio, high quality snapshots, and GPS location in real time back to a command center or dispatch center while simultaneously recording video on the body camera unit. Recorded footage is transmitted to a secure server where anyone with administrative rights to the Oncall app can access the footage. Schield said the delay in streaming video is only about a half of a second. […] The camera also has a wide-angle lens plus infrared technology for recording at night, and pre-event recording, which can capture up to two minutes of footage prior to activating the record button on the camera. Thanks to innovations developed when Schield created the helmet-mounted Fire Cam, the Oncall camera can withstand higher temperatures as it’s body is made of an anodized aluminum and the lens is constructed of heat-resistant glass. – Loraine Burger,PoliceOne.com
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