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Disney Beats Antitrust Claim, But Must Face False Advertising Over Movie Download Codes

The decline of the home entertainment market caused Disney to begin selling “combo packs” comprised of a Blu-ray disc, a DVD and a code allowing the download of popular films such as Star Wars and Black Panther. The decline of DVD rentals then caused Redbox to also look for a new product. The company begin using its kiosks to disassemble Disney’s “combo packs” and re-sell the codes separately. Disney insisted in a lawsuit that this activity amounted to a breach of contract and a violation of copyright law. Redbox responded that that Disney was engaging in copyright misuse to protect its own coming streaming service. – Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter » https://ift.tt/2SlpOaE

Redbox deal with Universal eliminates rental window delay

[Universal Studios Entertainment] had previously held fast on a 28-day window between when it released movies for home purchase and when people could rent them from Redbox. Now, that window has been eliminated. The new terms apply to both the physical locations as well as the company’s new streaming service, which was announced earlier this month. – Swapna Krishna, Engadget http://engt.co/2DdBLWZ

Redbox launches a new on-demand streaming service

On Demand is now in public beta and will offer many of the same new-release movies and shows that are available at kiosks, [Redbox] says. The new service isn’t like Netflix or HBO: there are no subscription fees, and customers just pay for each movie or show they rent or buy. It’s basically a competitor to iTunes and Google Play. – Thuy Ong, The Verge http://ift.tt/2j59sCj

Here is One More Reason to Stop Renting Your Modem

You may already know you are renting your modem for about $10 a month, or $120 a year, but you may not know there is an additional hidden fee… So not only are you renting that modem but many states tax such rentals. In Texas you would see an additional $2 a month tax on the modem you are renting. – Cord Cutters News

This Millennium’s Best Picture Oscar Winners Are Not On Netflix

“The number of online platforms for legally viewing movies and TV shows continues to grow steadily, making more creative content from all over the world available to more audiences than ever before,” the MPAA’s Julia Jenks wrote last week. […] This is correct and backed up by a recent MPAA-commissioned study. But there’s also an important element missing from the analysis. Unlike the music industry, where subscription services such as Spotify offer the most popular content, the video market is much more scattered. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak

The Slow Death of Redbox: Why the Kiosk Colossus Is the Next Blockbuster

Redbox’s revenue for the fourth quarter of 2015 dropped 17%, to $407 million, as movie rentals plunged 24% year over year. For 2016, Outerwall expects Redbox rentals to decline 15%-20%, and the company plans to remove up to 2,000 underperforming kiosks after ending last year with 40,480. […] despite lower sales, Redbox posted an operating profit of $255.9 million for full-year 2015. The unit’s operating margin was 14.5% last year — up from 13.6% the year earlier and 13.1% in 2013. – Todd Spangler, Variety
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