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Did HBO’s Streaming Service Play a Role In Dish-Turner Fracas?

It has been more than two weeks since satellite broadcaster Dish Network Corp. abruptly dropped several cable networks owned by Time Warner ’s Turner Broadcasting unit, including CNN and Cartoon Network. No resolution is in sight. […] Privately, though, several Turner executives say they suspect a major factor in the breakdown of talks was the decision by HBO, another Time Warner unit, to launch a standalone streaming video service. […] Dish has a history of not taking too kindly to programmers that offer their content online to consumers without requiring a pay-TV subscription. Earlier this year, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. launched its own over-the-top network and Dish retaliated by refusing to carry WWE’s pay-per-view events. – Joe Flint,The Wall Street Journal  
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AMC And DirecTV Are Fighting, And It Could Cost You The Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

The carriage agreement between AMC and DirecTV expires at the end of the year. Negotiations are apparently not going very or well, or, at least, poorly enough that AMC felt the need to run scary graphics and on-air spots during last night’s episode of The Walking Dead informing viewers that they could lose the second half of Season 5 — which runs from February to April — to a blackout if they don’t ACT NOW HURRY NOW CALL SOMEONE NOW NOW NOW. Along the same lines, the network also put out this adorably manipulative statement about the matter. […] Let me be clear: When I say “adorably manipulative,” that doesn’t mean I think you should side with DirecTV in this particular game of chicken. In fact, as a general principle, you should almost never side with a large cable/satellite provider about anything. I just think it’s a little hilarious how blatantly AMC is playing the “THEY’RE TRYING TO TAKE YOUR ZOMBIES AWAY” card here. – Danger Guerrero,UPROXX
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Trans Pacific Partnership Leak Would Ban Internet TV

The original intent of the FTA provision in other agreements was not to ban internet TV services, but rather deal with “the possible consequences of extra-territorial internet retransmission” from a provider subject to statutory licensing in one country to others where no remuneration scheme existed. […] Cable companies and satellite companies rebroadcast signals, but they license the content through a statutory license for specific areas served. They do not have the rights to serve the world. At the time of those early FTAs, there may have been no apparent means to hold internet transmissions to their territories. But it is not impossible now. Aereo had technology to limit the viewing of a free broadcast to the area of that broadcast. You could not live-view the programming from another city or country. – Sean Flynn,infojustice 

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The depressing truth behind TV’s internet revolution

As RBC Capital Markets explained this morning: “We don’t think there will be huge demand for this product on a standalone basis, but that’s probably not the point.” The point, it argues, is enabling CBS to get more in “retransmission” and digital fees, which are paid by cable companies (and telecom/satellite pay TV operators) to broadcasters for the rights to carry channels in their packages (and their own “TV everywhere” offerings). At the moment, RBC estimates that CBS is getting $2 per subscriber from cable companies in “retrans” fees. The new service will cost $6 a month. If it gains any traction, CBS will have more leverage with the cable companies next time retrans negotiations come around. – John McDuling,Quartz 
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