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Winamp Set For Big Comeback in 2019 With Podcast, Streaming Support

First released in 1997, Winamp hasn’t changed in years; that’s set to change in 2019, with a new update that overhauls the service to compete with modern streaming services such as Spotify. It will bring together podcasts, streaming radio stations, and music under a single, cross-platform application. – Jon Martindale, Digital Trends https://ift.tt/2PLmyTG

Michael Fassbender Will Star in a Feature-Length KUNG FURY

David Sandberg will produce the film and also star alongside Michael Fassbendеr (this reminds us of how Antonio Banderas took over the lead role in Desperado after El Mariachi was a surprise hit), while David Hasselhoff, who voiced “Hoff 9000” in the original and recorded an amazing song for it, will also return. As for the story they might tell, there’s no way to guess where they could go, but the original film ends with a perfect set-up for the next part of the journey. – Michael Walsh, Nerdist http://ift.tt/2ChIyhx

How people play Nintendo games on a computer, and why that’s probably illegal

Since the age of modern computing, people have figured out how to use code to mimic game consoles like NES and Genesis in order to play them on everything from laptops to smartwatches. Sometimes it’s a near-perfect recreation of a childhood memory. Sometimes it’s a virtual reality “remix” of a popular cartoon fighter (blatant self-promotion) or something indescribably trippy. In either case, it’s probably something the game’s developer and publisher are pretty mad about. – Ross Miller, The Verge

This wooden portable arcade will convince you to drain your piggy bank

[T]he R-Kaid-R, [Love Hultén] keeps with the natural materials and adds brass detail work, crafting an all-in-one option that takes on a form factor similar to that of a cigar box. The unit packs an 8-inch LCD display beside a built-in speaker, with the joystick and buttons for wrangling loaded titles down below. In order to get those games on board, R-Kaid-R has USB connectivity and an SD card slot for added storage. So exactly what can you play on this dapper device? System support includes Neo Geo, Atari 2800, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1 and several others with a hand from a pre-installed OS for around eight hours of play. Those ready to commit €2,499 ($3,419) will benefit from the self-contained system’s solid wood housing for protection, with the option of tacking on a leather shoulder bag for transit. – Billy Steele, Engadget http://ift.tt/1miWQTS