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YouTube Removed Videos of Robots Fighting, Calling it Animal Abuse

Pohorecky said that after her video was removed and her account was given a strike, there wasn’t a clear option to protest the decision—and as a beta user for YouTube’s new Studio for creators, she found out that the appeal process to be more convoluted than the old interface. She said that the new YouTube Studio removes the “appeal” button from the interface next to removed videos, and now forces creators to navigate through several screens of video information to find the option to appeal. – Samantha Cole, MOTHERBOARD » https://ift.tt/2NrnAWL

Square Enix Has Disabled Streaming For Left Alive In Japan

According to reports coming out of Japan, […] the developers have cut off all ability to stream the game directly from the PS4. According to a number of streamers, the reasons it’s been done is because reviews of the game have been low ever since the game was released in the country, and rather than showing off what the game looks like and plays like before it gets released in the West, [Square Enix] decided simply to cut off the YouTube option. – Gavin Sheehan, Bleeding Cool » https://ift.tt/2SFcUCX

Will Smith’s ‘Bright’ is terrible, but that doesn’t matter to Netflix

Terrible movies being deemed hits is nothing new, but Netflix’s algorithmic production style and opaque markers for success are particularly concerning. More so than with other studios, it doesn’t actually matter if the company’s original content is good, as long as it hits some mysterious metrics. Netflix plans to spend up to $8 billion on original content next year, so you can expect the budgets for its projects to grow even larger. – Devindra Hardawar, Engadget http://ift.tt/2pKaOZ5

More dead commenters appear to come out against net neutrality

What are net steps? As the Federal Communications Commission as noted, unvetted commentary has lost all of its weight online. Therefore the only answer is cryptographically secure identities tied to our person. Until this happens, expect the dead to vote and the unsuspecting to come out in favor of unfavorable opinions, at least when it comes to basic web forms on the FCC. – John Biggs, TechCrunch http://tcrn.ch/2AThW6I

Netflix’s Fuller House is like a porn parody without the porn

How do you mercilessly criticize a product while encouraging the instinct that led to its creation? Because despite the plaintive catchphrase of one Uncle Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos), which reappears along with every other vaguely recognizable zinger from the original series, Fuller House doesn’t deserve mercy. The show isn’t just bad, it borders on the obscene, as much an affront to those bemused by a reboot of the sitcom that anchored ABC’s once-mighty T.G.I.F. comedy block as those receptive to it. – Joshua Alton, The A.V. Club

YouTube’s Nostalgia Critic offers an emergency crash course in fair use

The real problem, the video attests, is that YouTube stacks the deck against those creators who invoke fair use. There is no limit to the number of claims that can be filed against an account, for instance, but the account holder can only make three appeals at a time. Worse yet, there is absolutely no penalty for filing false claims against an account, even though the content creator may be losing revenue while a video is temporarily suspended. – Joe Blevins, The A.V. Club

What Netflix ratings really mean, and how they work

photo: BGR

The way this works is pretty straightforward and actually quite smart. Netflix effectively groups users with similar viewing tastes together in an effort to make its recommendation algorithm more helpful. So if you happen to be a viewer who has absolutely no interest in sports documentaries, you’re not going to be recommended a 30 for 30 episode even if it garners 5 star ratings across the board. – Yoni Heisler, BGR

Netflix Planning to Change Streaming Service’s Rating System

photo: iStock/ThinkStock

In an interview with Business Insider, Netflix CPO Neil Hunt said the streaming service wants to get rid of the five-star rating system and replace it with something different. According to Hunt, the problem with the current rating system is that customers are not necessarily rating movies or TV shows the way they should be. – ABC Radio via News Channel Nebraska

New Apple TV 4 Full Review

photo: Apple, The Streaming Advisor

The device is speedy and stable and provides a robust and growing selection of apps. We very much wish Pandora and other music apps were already included and hope to see them come along in the future. Other video rental options would be a step in the right direction also. Overall though I would have to say that the new Apple TV may have set a new standard for set top streaming. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor

New Apple TV review roundup: Huge promise, huge missed opportunities

photo: BGR

From the looks of it, Apple TV isn’t the perfect answer for your television needs, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to enhancing entertainment in the living room. In time, the Apple TV platform might evolve to really become a real cable-killing set-top box if Apple ever offers its own online streaming service. – Chris Smith, BGR
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