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RIAA Targets 14 New Sites in Campaign Against YouTube-Rippers & Piracy

[The] RIAA is working to identify the operators of leading YouTube-ripping platforms. Via DMCA subpoenas, the industry group has been forcing CDN service Cloudflare and domain registries such as Namecheap to hand over the personal details of the people behind these tools. – Andy, TorrentFreak » http://bit.ly/2K1Jlvl

Filmmakers Want The Right to Break DRM and Rip Blu-Rays

In a comment to the United States Copyright Office, which is currently considering updates to the exemptions, they argue that all filmmakers should be allowed by break DRM and rip Blu-Rays. According to the filmmakers, the documentary genre is vaguely defined. This leads to a lot of confusion whether or not the exemptions apply. They, therefore, suggest to apply it to all filmmakers, instead of criminalizing those who don’t identify themselves as documentarians. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2CenPPY

Popular Blu-Ray Ripper Shuts Down Following Legal Pressure

The Antigua-based software company SlySoft has shut down its website and ceased sales of the popular Blu-ray ripping software AnyDVD. The action comes several days after a group of Hollywood studios and technology partners asked the U.S. Government to intervene. […] While there’s no confirmation on the exact reason for the sudden shutdown, it’s not unlikely that AACS-LA’s pressure to the United States Trade Representative had a significant impact. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak