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Comcast Must Share Six-Strikes Warnings with Copyright Troll, Court Rules

Malibu Media, a so-called copyright troll that has filed over 750 lawsuits against alleged infringers this year alone. In their case against Kelley Tashiro, […] the company had trouble proving that an infringement actually took place. […] Malibu asked the court to order Comcast to release all data being held as part of the Copyright Alert System. While Malibu is not part of the program, this data may show that the Internet connection was used to share pirated content[.] A copy of the recorded copyright infringements wasn’t enough for Malibu though, the company also asked for details of Tashiro’s bandwidth consumption, suggesting that this could indicate whether she is an infringer or not. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/1iC4nhj