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Firefighter creates live-streaming body cam with reliable storage solution

East St. Louis firefighter Rob Schield has been creating helmet cams for firefighters for years, and will soon unveil his newest product: […] The Oncall body camera has the capability to transmit live video, audio, high quality snapshots, and GPS location in real time back to a command center or dispatch center while simultaneously recording video on the body camera unit. Recorded footage is transmitted to a secure server where anyone with administrative rights to the Oncall app can access the footage. Schield said the delay in streaming video is only about a half of a second. […] The camera also has a wide-angle lens plus infrared technology for recording at night, and pre-event recording, which can capture up to two minutes of footage prior to activating the record button on the camera. Thanks to innovations developed when Schield created the helmet-mounted Fire Cam, the Oncall camera can withstand higher temperatures as it’s body is made of an anodized aluminum and the lens is constructed of heat-resistant glass. – Loraine Burger,PoliceOne.com
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1DwFMPg )