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The Fastest Internet Services for Streaming Netflix – October Edition

photo: The Exstreamist

[W]hen it comes to streaming Netflix the best. In this month’s rankings, Verizon FiOS reclaims the top spot, a place they have been before. […] Comcast and Time Warner both remain safely in the middle of this list, but there are talks that both are working on faster internet speeds. At the same time though, more and more customers have been noting ‘data cap’ warnings as they approach a monthly usage greater than 300GB. – Rob Toledo, Exstreamist

The Idea for Netflix Came From $40 in Late Fees on an ‘Apollo 13’ Rental

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There is no better reason to start a business than trying to solve a problem or frustration in your own life, and Hastings did just that. He had just recently sold his first company for $750 million, so it wasn’t even about the money, but rather the inconvenience of having to deal with timing the returns of movies he was renting. What if he didn’t have time to watch it before it was due back? What if something came up and he just couldn’t get around to running the video back to the store? There had to be a better way. – Rob Toledo, Exstreamist

Almost All MLB Games are Free Online This Weekend

photo: MLB, The Exstreamist

Want to watch baseball games online? Want to do this all for free? Then you’re in luck this weekend, as MLB.com is letting anyone with an internet connection stream baseball online for free. […] This deal to stream these games will only be available this weekend, October 2nd-October 4th, so if you’re hoping to watch a few games as the season winds down, this is a great way to sneak a few in before the playoffs start. – Rob Toledo, Exstreamist

Kid Shows Galore! Netflix Adds Seven New Kid-Focused Shows

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As anyone with young children will tell you, the “Kids” section on Netflix is a massive lifesaver when it comes to wanting to plop your little ones in front of the TV to keep them distracted for a few hours. Most importantly though, all these shows are streamed without commercial interruption, meaning your kids aren’t being fed dozens of commercials for the latest and greatest toy, the sugariest of cereals, or anything inappropriate by accident that you just aren’t prepared to explain to them yet. – Rob Toledo, Exstreamist
  • LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One – Q1 2016
  • LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship – Q2 2016
  • Buddy Thunderstruck – 2017
  • Las Leyendas – 2017
  • Dawn of the Croods – December 24, 2015
  • Glitter Force – December 18, 2015
  • Lost & Found Music Studios – Q1 2016

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