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Facebook testing YouTube-like dedicated video hub

photo: Engadget

Facebook has been pushing video pretty hard lately and today is sharing its plans on making sure users have even more ways to watch tiny movies of their friends and from pages they follow. The most compelling of these experiments is a dedicated video tab that shows all the videos shared by folks and entities someone follows. It’s bit like a cross between Instagram and YouTube within the social networking company’s main app. […] Facebook is also testing a bunch of other video features. One of these is Suggested Videos, a YouTube-like way of surfacing videos that you might find interesting based on what you’re currently watching. It’s also testing a way for folks to watch while still having access to the rest of the newsfeed. – Roberto Baldwin, Engadget

The cable box might solve the Internet of Thing’s biggest problem

Meanwhile, don’t expect anything resembling an IoT hub from Roku and Apple — two of the biggest players in the streaming-box game — any time soon. A Roku spokesperson told Engadget, “Roku’s core focus is delivering the best streaming-TV experience. Currently there are no plans to serve as a central hub for the connected home.” And while people seem to expect the Apple TV to become a connected HomeKit hub, in reality, it’s just an access point to Apple’s secure iCloud service. – Roberto Baldwin, Engadget

Some Anonabox routers recalled for lack of basic security

It turns out the routers in question shipped without Wi-Fi password protection. Yup, the Anonabox “cloaking device” didn’t have the simplest form of router security, a network password. Sure users could anonymously surf the Internet via Tor, but they couldn’t stop anyone from within Wi-Fi range from hopping on their network and potentially hacking their devices. It was also determined that the root password of the affected devices is the incredibly easy to guess “Admin.”Roberto Baldwin, Engadget

Xbox Music will now play your music stored in OneDrive

With OneDrive offering 100GB of storage for $6.99 a month, unless you’re a die hard music fan, you’re going to have plenty of room to keep all, if not most, of your music in the cloud service and still have space left over for other things.

Google does a similar thing with its music service by offering users free storage for 50,000 songs. But, you can’t listen to it through your Xbox while you’re fragging your friends. – Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web

(Full Story: http://tnw.me/5IjF6U4)

10 Years Later, YouTube is Still Pure Internet


YouTube proved to be the answer to the emerging digital video conundrum. Phones and cheap point-and-shoot cameras were shooting lots of video, but what were you supposed to do with it? You could transfer it to DVD and send it to friends through the mail, but the Internet was supposed to make things like this easy. Until YouTube arrived, it was still all about embedding QuickTime and Flash videos into your personal Web site. – Roberto Baldwin, The Next Web 
(Full Story: http://tnw.to/j4t0x )