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T-Mobile Doubles The Number Of Music Streaming Services That Don’t Count Towards Data Caps

T-Mobile has today doubled the number of streaming music services supported with its recently launched “Music Freedom” program which allows the company’s customers to stream music from a variety of apps without counting towards their data caps. T-Mobile announced this feature in June with a limited number of services, including then only “top” industry players like Pandora, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Slacker, Rhapsody and others. Now the company says it has added 14 others, which doubles the number of providers in the program. The new services include Google Play Music, Xbox Music, SoundCloud, RadioTunes, Live365, Mad Genius Radio, RadioPup, radio.com, as well as smaller, specialty services focused on music genres like FIT Radio (for the gym), Fresca Radio (Latin, Hispanic and Caribbean music), JAZZRADIO.com, ROCKRADIO.com, and Saavn (Bollywood and Indian music). – Sarah Perez,TechCrunch
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