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Which one is the best Media streaming device? Apple, Roku or Google?

The Apple TV costs around 100 USD making it a little bit expensive. It provides a nice user experience, but lacks on app support and content. The Google Chromecast offers the most economical TV solution and is priced at 35 USD, which is a major advantage. But it lacks a remote control making it difficult to use.

The Roku 3, priced at 100 USD forms a complete package as it is easy to use, has the largest app support and it even comes with a remote control that has integrated headphones jack! – Fariz Hadi, The Fuse Joplin

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Tech Test: Gaming options for streaming devices a mixed bag

Amazon Fire TV and the Roku 3 both offer a multitude of games, alongside apps to stream video on the big television screen from services such as Netflix and Hulu. The game offerings — some free, some for a fee — are a mixed bag thus far, ranging from solid to silly. […] Because the Fire TV uses a version of Google’s Android system, you’re also getting a slew of casual games. Game developers, however, tweak their apps and make them available through Amazon’s app store, so you’re not getting everything available on Android phones. […] The Roku 3 device offers a ton of games, but they range from very good to downright awful. It leans heavily toward casual gaming, meaning puzzle and word games with an occasional faster action title thrown in. […] All of this makes Roku 3 at best a delivery system for casual games. Roku has only 86 games available and needs more heavy-hitter titles alongside “Angry Birds” to truly compete against the Fire TV’s 365 titles, or for that matter my Android smartphone. – Ron Harris,Associated Press via The Columbian
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Roku Now Offers Screen Mirroring For Android And Windows 8.1 Users

Roku announced this morning it’s rolling out screen mirroring functionality in beta for “a select number” of Windows 8.1 and Android devices. The feature will allow these users to quickly mirror content on their devices to the big screen, including videos, apps, websites and more. The functionality is only being supported in the company’s Roku 3 or Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI Version) […] But Roku’s announcement leaves out of a big chunk of the market for now: it doesn’t mention anything about when this support will come to OS X (Mac) users or iOS devices. – Sarah Perez,TechCrunch 
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The Best Media Streaming Devices

Chromecast isn’t as self contained as an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but it’s so much cheaper, and allows unfettered access to YouTube that you won’t find on any other device. Ever notice how some YouTube videos can’t be watched on a phone or tablet, or on the Xbox or PlayStation’s native YouTube app? That’s because, for one reason or another, YouTube has blocked access to that content on mobile/game consoles. Casting from a laptop allows you to sidestep that […] Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to the Roku 3 and the Apple TV. It has one killer feature that sets it apart from the pack: voice search. Because nobody likes an on-screen keyboard, it makes it simple and even a little fun to search for movies and TV to watch. […] It’s really not worth buying unless you have Prime, but Prime is totally worth having. […] The Roku 3 isn’t the most stylish box on this list, but it has everything else going for it. Unlike every other company in this list (Apple, Google, Amazon) Roku isn’t in the business of selling episodes of anything or getting you to sign up for any sort of monthly subscription. It just wants to sell you a little purple box with a remote that plugs you into a huge library of video content, where every service is granted equal footing. – Alex Roth,IGN.com

Alternatives To Cable TV: Apple TV | Get Rid of Cable – Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month!

If you are someone that owns numerous Apple devices and are committed to the Apple ecosystem Apple TV will easily integrate with everything else. With Airplay, iTunes, and home sharing you will have more than enough access to all of your Apple device content and if that is what is important to you then you will probably enjoy the Apple TV as an alternative to cable TV. However in my opinion that is the one, and only one place the Apple TV is better than the Roku 3. – Chris M. Walker, getridofcable.net