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Roku 4 leaked specs confirm a 4K, Quad-core device

photo: Roku, AFTVnews

Roku accidentally published an updated spec sheet in their developer guide which included information about the upcoming Roku 4. The specs have since been removed, but if they’re accurate, the new flagship Roku device will support 2160p 4K video output and pack a quad-core ARM processor. The specs listed OpenGL ES 2.0 support, which seems to indicate gaming is not a top priority for the new device, however, the field for “Wi-Fi Direct Game Remote” was marked with “yes” but that could just refer to the standard motion capable Roku remote. – AFTVnews

Roku 4 FCC Filings Indicate An Update

photo: The Streaming Advisor

Roku, the current market leader in streaming media boxes may be close to launching an updated device for the fall. Dave Zats, Zatz Not Funny has been monitoring FCC fillings and discovered that Roku has filled new paperwork that indicates a new product and or update to the current line of products that will feature 4K video. Zats also cited the brief appearance of a 4K video channel in the UK Roku Channel store. – Ryan Michael Downey, The Streaming Advisor

Roku 4 Release Date, Top Features and Details

Many believed that Roku 4 will be announced at CES 2015, but that didn’t happen. However, there are many rumors saying that this device will be soon released and we should expect a release sometime in March 2015. Other rumors say that Roku 4 may get a slight release delay and it will be released sometime in May 2015. – Costea Lestoc, The Fuse Joplin  
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