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How to Get the Best Possible Roku Experience On the Cheap

  • Choose a TV streaming provider. There are three big players here, and they all have their own key features. Netflix has the best selection of Movies and TV shows. Hulu gives you access during season instead of waiting for post-season. Amazon Prime has HBO, and since you pay for the year up front, no monthly bill to keep track of.
  • Find the free channels. Roku has over 1,000 channels, and a lot of them are free. Check out this huge list to see which ones are free to add. Some of the “free” channels have paid movies and shows within them, but if you’re worried, you can unlink your credit card after setting up your Roku.
  • Unlock private channels: StreamFREE.tv has a list of private channels, which you won’t find on your Roku, but can download manually.
  • Bookmark your resources. The Roku blog leaves it up to us to discover what’s worth trying out, but there are some good resources. In addition to streamfree.tv, bookmark RokuGuide, to help you see what’s new in Roku whenever you think it’s running a little dry. Rokuchannels is another good resource for both public and private channels.
  • Add other media channels, like Pandora, Facebook, and Picasa. You can do a lot more than just watch movies and TV shows on your Roku. You can play music while you clean, show vacation pictures to friends, and a lot more.

– Tori Reid,Lifehacker   (Full Story: http://lifehac.kr/5AEKiXn)