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No More Half-Naked Twitch Streaming

Popular video streaming service Twitch has updated its “Rules of Conduct” to specify that it will no longer allow streams where the broadcaster is half-naked or fully nude. […] Twitch specified that wearing only your birthday suit, or clothing that is “sexually suggestive”–this includes lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments–is prohibited. Fully nude torsos (this applies to both male and female streamers) are also prohibited. […] This is not the first time Twitch has addressed the matter of naked streaming. In November 2013, Twitch reiterated its stance on non-gaming videos following multiple instances of lewd behavior, including one video where a man stripped his partner naked in front of the camera. – Eddie Makuch,GameSpot¬†
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1tE7ycS )