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‘Big Bang Theory’ Back on Air in China Under New Regulations

photo: CBS

“The Big Bang Theory” is poised to become the first U.S. television series to play on China’s online video platforms under the country’s new content rules. The eighth season of the show is set to air on tv.sohu […] SARFT has put new limits on the number of imported shows that can be aired on China’s video platforms. It also requires every episode of a series to pass censorship before it can go to air. That limits the ability of the platforms to release episodes on a day and date basis in parallel with their overseas broadcast. – Patrick Frater, Variety

The FCC gets to work on letting internet TV compete with cable

Even as cord-cutters celebrate, there are some restrictions even with the new proposal — this plan wouldn’t affect Netflix, Amazon or Hulu — but it could make things easier for PlayStation Vue or Dish Network’s planned internet TV feed. […] The distinction comes because the FCC is still looking for “distributors of multiple linear video programming streams” — not those that are primarily video on-demand. It might take away the requirement that services be tied to or own their own transmission path, although an alternative interpretation could change that. Now the FCC is accepting comments on the proposal, and we’re sure the incumbents of the cable industry will chime in to protect their advantage. – Richard Lawler,Engadget
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