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iHeartRadio isn’t afraid of Apple Music

Today iHeartMedia is announcing a new partnership with Virgin America that will put iHeartRadio-curated music streams in the ears of Virgin passengers. […] The streams were designed as a collaboration between iHeart and Virgin’s film and television development team, Virgin Produced. Virgin passengers can listen to the streams for free. – Ruth Reader, VentureBeat

The next CBS hit you see may be on Netflix

This has been a big year for Internet television. In the last year Netflix has launched two original shows that have seen marked success. And it’s no surprise that media giant CBS would want to tap into the tens of millions of viewers (and growing) that subscribe to streaming services. It’s a smart move for CBS to seek new revenue sources. In its most recent quarter revenue was down slightly from the same period the year before. That may be a normal downturn for the company, especially after the end of its hit show How I Met Your Mother. – Ruth Reader,VentureBeat