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FX Chief John Landgraf on Netflix’s Programming: “Our Shows Are Better”

photo: AP Images/Invision, The Hollywood Reporter

“Netflix has made 14 shows,” […] “Take any 14 shows we’ve made — they’re better. Any 14 shows — on average, our shows are better.” “By the way, they have made some great shows in that 14,” [John Landgraf] continued. “I would be absolutely proud to have made and to program Orange Is the New Black. But the average quality of the shows they put out is not as good as ours, and I think that’s a lack of careful attention.” – Ryan Gajewski, The Hollywood Reporter

Several Sony Films Leak Online After Hack Attack

Annie and Fury are among the pirated Sony titles that have seen a surge in downloads since the Monday hack by a group calling itself Guardians of Peace, according to TorrentFreak. The hack disabled Sony’s email and additional electronic systems, with some of the company’s employees regaining use of their email accounts on Saturday. Following the leak, Fury, which is still in theaters after opening Oct. 17, had become the second-most downloaded film on file-sharing site Pirate Bay. – Ryan Gajewski,The Hollywood Reporter