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Apertus Axiom Beta: World’s First 4K Open Source Cinema Camera is Now Crowdfunding

On their campaign page, you can essentially purchase the camera for the cost of everything but the sensor. This includes all of the miscellaneous components and the cost of assembly etc. Depending on which sensor you choose for the camera (either s35 or 4/3), that price is about $450 and $390 respectively. Then comes the more expensive part of the equation, the sensor. Once the campaign finishes, Apertus is going to buy the sensors in bulk and then sell them to you at cost. […] Effectively, once you’ve paid for everything, the s35 model of the Axiom Beta will set you back about $3500, whereas the 4/3 camera will land in the $2900 range. – Robert Hardy,No Film School
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1qii1J5 )