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India-focused streaming service Saavn expands into non-music content

For now, it is starting with audio stories and podcasts which form part of a new ‘Saavn Original Programming’ strategy. The company has recruited digital media firm Indus Vox Media and radio journalist Neelesh Misra to help lead that push. Misra will provide two original series, while Indus Vox Media’s programming will include music-focused show Maed in India, comedy series Cyrus Says, and more. – Jon Russell, TechCrunch

Saavn launches music streaming app for Microsoft Windows 10

photo: Saavn

Saavn for Windows will be launching as a Universal Windows app with an adaptable layout for desktop and tablet. The company also plans to launch the mobile app when Windows 10 for mobile is launched later this year. Music listeners on Windows will be able to access Saavn’s core products and features such as phonetic search, dynamic bit-rate streaming, and more. – Tech2.com

T-Mobile Doubles The Number Of Music Streaming Services That Don’t Count Towards Data Caps

T-Mobile has today doubled the number of streaming music services supported with its recently launched “Music Freedom” program which allows the company’s customers to stream music from a variety of apps without counting towards their data caps. T-Mobile announced this feature in June with a limited number of services, including then only “top” industry players like Pandora, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Slacker, Rhapsody and others. Now the company says it has added 14 others, which doubles the number of providers in the program. The new services include Google Play Music, Xbox Music, SoundCloud, RadioTunes, Live365, Mad Genius Radio, RadioPup, radio.com, as well as smaller, specialty services focused on music genres like FIT Radio (for the gym), Fresca Radio (Latin, Hispanic and Caribbean music), JAZZRADIO.com, ROCKRADIO.com, and Saavn (Bollywood and Indian music). – Sarah Perez,TechCrunch
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Gaana, Hungama, Saavn, or Wynk: Which is the Best Music Streaming Service in India?

Today, four major players are trying their best to take the crown in India. Hungama, Gaana, Saavn and Wynk are in the fray, but which one is the best? […] Having used all of these apps for a time, we found Wynk to be the best. While its feature set is more or less on par with Gaana and Saavn, curation and ease of discovery make it a very appealing proposition. It also is the cheapest service for listening to music and we don’t see a good enough reason to be paying more for any of the other services. Wynk’s available on Android, iOS and the Web, which should be good enough for most people. – Pranay Parab,NDTV
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