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Is Streaming Service Grooveshark Finally Dead in the Water?

[W]hile some sources say [Universal Music Group] and other majors are holding out a shred of hope that the remarkably resilient [Grooveshark] will finally become legitimate, “I don’t see how they’re going to recover from this latest ruling,” says one well-placed source. “It’s over, particularly since the founders were held personally liable.” The source admits a disconnect between suing [Escape Media Group] for “stealing millions of artists’ content” and labels entertaining discussions about helping co-­founder/CEOs Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg, both 27, secure licensing deals. In the past, Grooveshark has been an unreliable, unrepentant business partner: EMI sued Escape three separate times for breach of contract and unauthorized use of the label’s recordings in 2012 before the two parties arrived at a settlement and licensing agreement in 2013. In that case, Grooveshark blamed EMI’s “unsustainable” streaming rates and its “monopolistic” merger with UMG for the termination of their relationship. – Harley Brown,Billboard
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