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Major internet providers slowing traffic speeds for thousands across US

The study, conducted by internet activists BattlefortheNet, looked at the results from 300,000 internet users and found significant degradations on the networks of the five largest internet service providers (ISPs), representing 75% of all wireline households across the US. – Sam Thielman, The Guardian via Free Press

Hulu’s Jenny Wall Is a Pioneer of the Web Series Form

[You’ve worked at some great places that have huge presences digitally, like HBO and Netflix. How have you seen the market change?] I think the biggest thing I’ve seen is that it’s not considered “Internet TV” anymore. It’s really just entertainment you consume in a particular manner. Internet television is what we called it two years ago—everybody expected things to be Internet quality, but I had the opportunity to work on House of Cards and it was similar to what happened with HBO. – Jenny Wall,Hulu via Sam Thielman,Adweek
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