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Pluto TV to distribute Hulu’s free content, including Seinfeld, other series

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Online video startup Pluto TV has signed a distribution deal with Hulu that will make all of Hulu’s free, ad-supported content available on its website. […] While other stream-aggregator providers exist, like FilmOnX and Freecast’s Rabbit TV, Pluto TV has inked significant streaming deals with Shout! Factory, AOL Entertainment, Endemol, Jukin Media and others. – Samantha Bookman, Fierce Online Video

Streaming video revenue’s $3.2B jump a rallying cry for OTT providers in broadband speed battle…

Revenue from streaming video services jumped 175 percent between 2010 and 2013, from $1.86 billion to $5.12 billion. That massive rise in dollars being thrown at online video is part of the reason why raising the broadband speed bar in the U.S. to 25 Mbps is absolutely essential to continued economic growth, according to Internet Association President Michael Beckerman. – Samantha Bookman, FierceOnlineVideo
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Google, Roku stand to rake in holiday streaming stick sales

Thanks to their lower price point, sales of streaming sticks by Google and Roku as gifts could take a bigger chunk of sales than other streaming devices, the research firm says in its latest report, “2014 Holiday Purchase Intentions.” So far in 2014, 25 percent of dedicated streaming media devices sold were intended as gifts, and 20 percent of gaming consoles have been gifts as well. Those numbers are likely to go higher as Christmas season sales ramp up. […] Streaming sticks have more going for them than just their price. A majority of younger Americans prefer streaming VOD rather than linear TV, although many enjoy the lean-back experience of a television, according to Glenn Hower, research analyst at Parks Associates Research. “The experience of watching on the big screen is still a key part of the video-viewing event, and purchasing a streaming device is simply an easier process than the research and price comparison involved with flat-panel TV purchases,” he said. – Samantha Bookman,FierceOnlineVideo
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Streaming devices proliferate in fiber broadband homes, study says

Fiber broadband-connected homes have a higher number of devices–10 percent more, on average–than homes that connect to the Internet in other ways, a study by Parks Associates Research reveals. Smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles top the list of devices in those homes. The study, developed by Parks on behalf of Calix, found that broadband homes have an average of seven Internet-connected devices, including the above plus smart TVs, DVRs and streaming media players. – Samantha Bookman,FierceOnlineVideo¬†
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Record-breaking week may be ahead for Internet streaming, analyst says

Could Internet traffic records be broken this week? With no less than 13 major media events scheduled since Sunday–including Apple’s latest product announcement, a live Aerosmith concert via Yahoo!, and several sporting events, all with live streaming options–viewers could be turning online more than ever before, according to Streaming Media analyst Dan Rayburn. […] All those downloads could come at a price, Rayburn said. “We’re going to see long download times, more buffering of streams, more QoS issues and ISPs that will take steps to deal with the traffic, knowing it will have a negative impact on the user experience.” What it adds up to, Rayburn notes, is plenty of work for content delivery networks, including Akamai Technologies, Limelight, Level 3 Communications and Apple’s own shiny new CDN. – Samantha Bookman,Fierce Online Video
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World Cup: Last-mile broadband drives online streaming numbers

While higher bandwidth in better-connected countries makes sense, some smaller countries are also reporting big traffic jumps within their borders. In Colombia, for example, one ISP recorded a traffic spike greater than 100 percent even though only a few thousand of its customers actually streamed World Cup matches, according to a DiViNetworks report. – Samantha Bookman, Fierce Online Video http://ift.tt/TwSzkN