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SK Telecom, Samsung claim mobile streaming breakthrough

Korean telco SK Telecom 캠퍼스리포터 has, together with Samsung Electronics, successfully completed development of ‘True Real Time Mobile Streaming’ technology that is essential for mobile live streaming and achieved its world’s first demonstration over a LTE network. The users of legacy live video streaming over mobile networks have experienced inconvenience with up to 15 seconds of latency compared to TV or IPTV. For example, in case of watching sports games such as soccer, mobile users could watch the game results about 15 seconds later than TV or IPTV users. […] By successfully demonstrating the technology with Btv Mobile, SK Telecom’s mobile IPTV service, SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics confirmed that the latency was reduced by 80 per cent to record three seconds. – Colin Mann,Advanced Television  

(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1pVAUwB )