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Music-streaming website Grooveshark faces fallout

In a scathing ruling issued this week, Grooveshark lost a three-year legal battle for blatantly and consciously infringing on copyrights of nine major record labels. A federal judge ruled that the two founders of the Gainesville-based music streaming website and its employees violated the copyrights of about 6,000 songs from record labels including Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Recording Corporation. Grooveshark, which streams virtually any song in the world thanks to uploads from users, came into existence because of a loophole in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, exempting websites from responsibility for copyrighted content uploaded by users. […] the two founders, Samuel Tarantino and Joshua Greenberg, started uploading songs personally, avoiding record company approval and licenses. […] In a company-wide forum post in 2007, Greenberg told employees to ‚Äúplease share as much music as possible from outside the office, and leave your computers on whenever you can. This initial content is what will get our network started[.] – Chabeli Herrera,The Independent Florida Alligator
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