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These new streaming services may entice you to cut the cord

TAPP: Right wingers, Tea Partiers and social conservatives need streaming services too, and TAPP looks like the service for them. According to audience development manager Evan Greenberg, it offers such content as the Herman Cain Channel and the Sarah Palin Channel, each offered a la carte at $9.95 apiece so subscribers don’t get saddled with content that they don’t want. –
Daniel Bukszpan, Fortune Magazine

Herman Cain launches new premium streaming channel

[Herman Cain], in a blog post announcing the new streaming channel, wrote that it would cost viewers $9.99 a month—or $99.99 for a year’s subscription — a reference to his famous 9 – 9 – 9 tax plan. He also said, on how the channel came together, “In working with Jon [Klein] these past couple of months — and yes, that’s how fast this thing has come together — it’s been clear that he understands the old models that governed the business of television no longer apply.” […] The Herman Cain Channel” is produced by TAPP TV, who also produce “The Sarah Palin Show,” which launched two months ago. The company, founded by former CNN and NBC executives, has launched a total of three channels to date, with the offerings from political personalities Cain and Palin joined by a show starring popular radio talk show host Steve Arterburn. – TheGrio
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