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Ratings falls but linear TV sustains advertiser demand

The survey from WPP’s media investment group described an advertising world characterised by declining linear TV viewing, new addressable television capabilities, competitive digital video platforms, measurement, cord-cutting and more. It came to a stark conclusion that globally in 2018, linear TV has shown no new signs of life with ratings falling even with mainstays like NFL. – Joesph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News https://ift.tt/2P0zOrs

Time for a ‘use it or lose it’ rule for Canadian streaming rights, advocates say

Under a use-it-or-lose-it rule, streaming rights would revert back to producers/owners if the licensing party failed to exploit them within a specified period of time after acquisition. Rights owners would then be free to re-license their content to another streaming service. The idea is not alien to Canada. Up until recently, Canadian broadcasters were bound by such a clause in their “terms of trade” agreement with the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), which represents more than 350 independent production companies. The agreement was enforced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) as a condition of broadcast license renewals. – Peter Nowak, CBC News http://ift.tt/2lIuhSU

Dish Network CEO: Streaming Video Is Starting To Replace Traditional Pay TV

The so-called over the top (OTT) services are “becoming a direct replacement for cable and satellite,” [CEO Charlie Ergen,Dish Network] said in a call to discuss his company’s Q4 performance. And programmers who want to keep the traditional pay TV bundle — long the industry’s cash cow — need to adapt. “If they continue to raise prices, [and] continue to have 16 to 18 minutes of advertising per hour … then that deceleration will increase,” Ergen says. The OTT world “is more consumer-friendly.” – David Lieberman, Deadline Hollywood http://ift.tt/2la1UgT

More Charter Customers Now Being Hit With Controversial ‘Broadcast TV’ Fee

These “Broadcast TV” fees and surcharges have been proliferating across all cable carriers, in recent years. Distributors, like Charter, say they charge these extra fees to recoup costs associated with purchasing the right to distribute local channels. Since the 1990s, local broadcast stations have been permitted to negotiate their retransmission rates with cable companies, and cable companies have been permitted to pass costs through to consumers. – Kate Cox, Consumerist http://ift.tt/2kJfjgC

Dish Network in Merger Talks With T-Mobile (Report)

Under the terms of the deal being proposed, Charlie Ergen, chief executive of DISH, would become chairman of the new company while John Legere. chief executive of T-Mobile, would serve as the company’s CEO, according to the report, which cited people familiar with the matter. […] If both Dish and T-Mobile and AT&T and DirecTV both merged successfully, the nation’s two biggest distributors of video content via satellite would both be assimilated under broader telecommunications companies. – Brian Steinberg, Variety