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MLB needs to expand its streaming options

Under the current system, the only way to stream MLB games is through the MLB.TV package. The pricing on that is $110 a season for the standard package or $130 a season for the premium package. […] However, all of that is subject to blackouts. What that means is if you are in Wisconsin, you can’t watch any game through the package. This also applies to all of Iowa and parts of Illinois and Minnesota. For most of us as Brewers fans, that’s a dealbreaker. The only ways to get around this are through programs with questionable legality at best[.] – JP, SB Nation: BrewCrewBall

You can’t watch the NFL on CBS’ new streaming service

On Thursday, CBS announced a subscription-based live and on-demand streaming video service called CBS All Access that will feature much of the network’s programming that is already available for free via broadcast. However, there’s one notable exception for sports fans: NFL games will not be part of that package. […] There is some hope that NFL games will be available through the service in the future. CBS officials are “in discussions” with the NFL over streaming its content, according to Emily Steel of The New York Times. – Matt Verderame,SB Nation
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The ACC’s Digital Opportunity

[A]s audiences migrate to Web forms and lose interest in passive TV, the model which has allowed bundling, multiple sports networks and unending rate increases, what are the long-term prospects for single conference networks? We’d say murky at best, and not just because young people are developing radically different video habits. […] Does this remind you of anything? Like maybe the music industry just before the digital tsunami swept over it? That said, while traditional TV is losing ground, no one has yet figured out how to move sports online while maintaining the extraordinary revenue TV sports generate. – JD King, SB Nation http://ift.tt/1lImqx7