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Police: Scam Streaming Sites Are Exploiting Internet Users

In return for handing over their names, addresses, credit card and cellphone numbers, users are given a five-day free trial but according to police, this amounts to a so-called “subscription trap”. Buried away in the terms and conditions is a note that if “users do not unsubscribe during the free trial, your account will automatically be upgraded to a one-year premium account.” – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2JhHj96

Scammers Abuse Steam to Attract Would-Be Movie Pirates

A number of scammers are abusing the Steam platform to lure would-be pirates to questionable download sites. After clicking images and links listing popular movies, many visitors are redirected to subscription portals where – despite payment – none of the promised movies are offered for viewing. – Andy, TorrentFreak » http://bit.ly/2KyVJn6

Don’t get scammed by this fake Netflix email

According to cybersecurity firm FireEye, Inc., the “phishing campaign” targets U.S. subscribers with an email telling them to update their credit card info and social security number, the latter of which Netflix does not require. If the target clicks the link in the email, they’re taken to a page that looks like an official Netflix login. – Audra Schroeder, The Daily Dot http://ift.tt/2jiyDmk

How to avoid the new Netflix viruses and malware

photo: SlashGear

Netflix scams are on the rise, so say the security crews at Tripwire and Symantec. How do you avoid such malware? How does your grandmother avoid downloading a virus? The answers are relatively simple, and they begin with sticking to the course. That is, not clicking on any advertisements that promise lower costs and coupons for Netflix-based deals on subscriptions. That’s where this newest wave of internet evil is coming from – let your uncle know what’s up. – Chris Burns, SlashGear