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Amazon working on “Cinema Mode” for Fire TV to sync frame rate between video and TV

All Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks have always displayed their interfaces and content at 60Hz. This means that the image on your TV updates 60 times per second. The more often the image updates, the smoother things like the user interface and games will look. The problem comes when you play a movie or a TV show, which was likely shot at 23.976 frames per second, at that same 60Hz refresh rate. Since the number of video frames available do not match the number of times the TV screen is being changed, you end up with an issue called 3:2 pulldown. Since 23.976 does not divide evenly into 60, the video player must alternate between duplicating 3 frames half the time and duplicating 2 frames the other half of the time. This results in unwanted artifacts appearing on the screen, which are especially noticeable during fast motion scenes. – AFTVnews http://ift.tt/2zgGit3