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Google Search Apparently Indexes Over 80 Million Torrent Hashes

[Interesting] to note is the number of hashes Google has listed in its search engine. According to Torrentz2, Google is currently able to find 82,085,976 unique torrent hashes. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2N47Cma

Google Adds ‘Kodi’ to Autocomplete Piracy Filter

Google has banned the term “Kodi” from the autocomplete feature of its search engine. This means that the popular software and related suggestions won’t appear unless users type out the full term. Google has previously taken similar measures against “pirate” related terms and confirms that Kodi is targeted because it’s “closely associated with copyright infringement.” – Ernesto, TorrentFreak https://ift.tt/2pM26Y6

Netflix engineers dream up a way to search your queue with Morse code

The TeleFlix project was created by Netflix employees Guy Cirino, Alex Wolfe, and Carenina Motion and Christiane Petite. When searching for a new hack to top previous Hack Day retro projects, Cirino was inspired by a chat with his father, who pointed out that telecommunications technology goes way back. He found a vintage AT&T brass telegraph key on eBay, convinced his partners to join and created the system. – Rob LeFebvre, Engadget http://ift.tt/2wioImA

YouTube Will Now Redirect Searches For Extremist Videos To Anti-Terrorist Playlists

The new feature, dubbed The Redirect Method, is part of a four-prong strategy announced by Google last month to quash extremist ideologies across its platforms. The Redirect Method was developed by Jigsaw — an Alphabet subsidiary whose mission is to counter extremism, censorship, and cyber attacks — alongside another tech company called Moonshot CVE (which stands for ‘Countering Violent Extremism’). – Geoff Weiss, Tubefilter http://ift.tt/2vGfXzz

Reelgood helps cord cutters find, track and watch content from across streaming services

Reelgood, a service making it easier for cord cutters to find something new to watch and keep track of their favorite shows, is today exiting beta with the launch of a new site that aggregates content from across over 250 streaming services in a single interface. […] the site tracks a wider range of streaming sites and apps, including a large number of sources of free, ad-supported TV – like Fox, CBS, ABC, CW, Crackle and many more. It’s also tracking cable TV networks like FX, Starz, Showtime, and HBO. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2u2xwMq

Google iOS search now finds streaming movies, music and TV

The feature, which is already available on Android and the desktop, displays the icons of streaming services that currently offer the content you’re searching for. So, for example, if you look for Zootopia, the app will pop the “Knowledge Box” at the top of the search results. Below the screenshots, movie ratings and synopsis, you’ll now find links to Netflix, Hulu and wherever else it’s streaming. The same goes for music, though you’ll find links to Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora instead. The app will also show how much you’ll have to pay to rent or buy the content. – Andrew Tarantola, Engadget http://ift.tt/2oC5nKZ

Plex on the web gets smarter with media searches

The search feature now finds everything across multiple categories as you type, and it’s both considerably faster and more forgiving — even if you don’t know how to spell “Stellan Skarsgård,” you’ll probably spot both him and the movies he stars in. Navigation is easier, too, as you’ll get the latest discovery features front and center, with better mouse and touch control as well as zoomable posters. – Jon Fingas, Engadget

The Site Lifting the Veil on Netflix’s Geo-Restrictions

Unogs is essentially a searchable database which allows users to see which content is available on Netflix in any given area in the world. For instance, when Netflix unceremoniously curtailed my viewing of Donnie Brasco in the UK earlier this month, a search on uNoGS revealed the movie was still on the service and accessible from 22 other countries. This means that by using a VPN to switch countries I was able to continue viewing, but uNoGS actually goes a step further by providing details on which VPN, proxy or DNS providers can provide access on a movie-by-movie basis. – Andy, TorrentFreak

5 Things That Will Disappear In 5 Years

The research firm Strategy Analytics forecasts that emerging categories in the Internet of Things (IoT), smart home and wearables will connect an additional 17.6 billion devices by 2020. Even today, devices such as the Amazon Echo are taking voice search and commands to a new level. With so many new devices connected to the Internet by 2020, building separate hardware for a remote control will just no longer make any sense. – Tom Gonser, TechCrunch
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