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Netflix Shares Rise 7% As Wall Street Sees Comcast Subscriber Losses As A Boost

Netflix shares, which are the subject of great debate on Wall Street, rose more than 7% Thursday in the wake of a concession by Comcast earlier in the day that the media giant will continue to lose subscribers. – Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood » http://dlvr.it/RNdKLt

Roku Stretches Lead As #1 Streaming TV Platform in US After Record Q1 Performance: Strategy Analytics

The report, USA Connected TV Device Vendor Market Share Q1 2019, finds that there are now more than 41 million Roku-based devices in use, including Roku media streamers and Roku-based smart TVs, accounting for 15.2% of all media streaming devices. Roku now has a 36% lead over the next major platform, Sony PlayStation, in terms of devices in use. – Business Wire via Yahoo Finance » https://ift.tt/31Urj3Q

Disney CEO Bob Iger Confirms Talks With Comcast Over Hulu Stake Sale

On April 15, WarnerMedia sold back its stake in Hulu in a deal that valued the streamer at $14 billion. Disney revealed Wednesday that it funded the deal “via a loan” to Hulu. NBCU has 90 days from the date of the transaction in which it can elect to contribute its proportionate share (or 30 percent) toward the purchase price of the Hulu stake. That would mean Disney would become the 67 percent owner in Hulu and Comcast would become a 33 percent owner. If NBCU does not participate in the purchase of WarnerMedia’s stake, Disney would up its ownership to 70 percent. – Natalie Jarvey, The Hollywood Reporter » http://bit.ly/2DZ672x

Netflix Sketched Out Its Plans To Be A Streaming Company 15 Years Ago

Logo: logos.wikia.com

Logo: logos.wikia.com

Netflix IPO’ed in 2002. However, they actually filed to go public in April 2000. They were hoping the window would stay open but the dot com crash didn’t cooperate. In the year prior to filing to IPO, Netflix did $5 million in revenues and had a loss of $30 million. When they finally were able to successfully go public in 2002, their year prior revenues had blossomed to $75 million but losses were still $38 million. – Eric Jackson, Forbes

Bop.fm Music Streaming Aggregator Lets Users Follow Playlists

bop.fm a unified music streaming platform that simplifies sharing and listening to records from multiple sources online, today introduced a useful “follow” feature for user-created playlists. […] With an ever-growing number of music streaming options on the Web, such as Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, sharing your favorite records or newly discovered gems is complicated. If your friends haven’t adopted the same services as you, sending across “share” links is pretty pointless. Bop.fm solves this problem by binding all of these sources into a single portal. – Nick Summers,TheNextWeb