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Star Trek: Captain Kirk Makes a Cameo Appearance in New Short Treks

Ephraim’s encounter with Dot takes not during Capt. Christopher Pike’s command of the Enterprise, but during Capt. James T. Kirk’s command, specifically during events seen in Star Trek: The Original Series… – Jamie Lovett, ComicBook.com » https://ift.tt/38B9VVs [photo: CBS]

For the first time ever, Disney posts a Pixar “short” on YouTube for free

Disney Pixar has consistently been the exception to that rule, and the studio has shipped so many bumper shorts that it has put out a whopping three compilations of the things. To promote the latest collection, Pixar Short Films Collection: Volume 3, the Disney-owned studio has made a bold decision: to give away its latest (and possibly best) short on YouTube. As it turns out, Pixar has never offered such a giveaway until this week. – Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica http://bit.ly/2A96hCq

YouTube, Other Streaming Shorts Can Now Win Emmy Awards

The Emmy Awards being opened up to streaming content awards will be based on peer voting for such content. The Streamys and the Webbys, which recognize such content, allows voting across the general public. With the changes in place, networks and platforms that will be eligible to win an Emmy include YouTube Red, Fullscreen, Crackle, Adult Swim and many more. – Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times

YouTube’s Nostalgia Critic offers an emergency crash course in fair use

The real problem, the video attests, is that YouTube stacks the deck against those creators who invoke fair use. There is no limit to the number of claims that can be filed against an account, for instance, but the account holder can only make three appeals at a time. Worse yet, there is absolutely no penalty for filing false claims against an account, even though the content creator may be losing revenue while a video is temporarily suspended. – Joe Blevins, The A.V. Club

Try not to soil your browser window watching this one-minute horror short

Crypt TV is the newest online venture from Eli Roth and Jack Davis, a one-stop-shop for all things horrifying, goofy, or (more often than not) a little of both. It features short films, web series, homages to eight-bit video games, and the aforementioned experiment in scares delivered in less than a minute. – Alex McCown, The A.V. Club

So I Searched ‘Short’ On Netflix And The Most Bizarre Thing Happened…

What happened next made me feel like I was in a Lynchian streaming universe. A fade in to a time lapse of the Netflix headquarters, then a soothing shot of a fountain, which we’ll see time and again throughout our journey. Shortly thereafter, an unnamed fellow runs through the headquarters carrying their signature red envelopes… – Decider
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/16nXOJP )

New Evangelion short film now streaming on animation studio’s website

While [Neon Genesis Evangelion] started off as a production of Studio Gainax, the franchise is now Studio Khara’s baby. Founded by Anno in 2006, for most of the time since Khara has had its hands full with the Rebuild series. The studio has also pinch hit, however, with roles in the production of anime such as Wolf Children, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and even Studio Ghibli features From Up on Poppy Hill and The Wind Rises, for which Anno also provided the voice of the male lead. – Casey Baseel,RocketNews24 English
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1v087so )

Vlogbrothers Bring YouTube’s “Crash Course” Videos to PBS Digital Studios

Crash Course” videos, which have attracted 2.4 million YouTube subscribers, are about to get a larger audience through a partnership with PBS Digital Studios. Creators John Green and Hank Green — known as the Vlogbrothers — agreed to distribute their educational video library through PBS’s YouTube network as well as into the classroom through PBS LearningMedia, an on-demand digital service that’s free to educators nationwide. The videos become available in January. […] Under the PBS agreement, “Crash Course” will launch two new series, one on U.S. government, to be hosted by YouTube personality Craig Benzine, also known as WheezyWaiter, and the other on astronomy, featuring astronomer and the author of Slate’s “Bad Astronomy” blog Phil Plait. – Dawn Chmielewski,Re/code
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1x9dEAP )
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