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Vizio launches its own streaming service powered by Pluto TV

Vizio says it’s launching its own streaming service called WatchFree that will be available on nearly all its Vizio SmartCast TVs via a separate input. The service itself will be powered by streaming TV provider Pluto TV, and will include access to over 100 live and linear channels featuring news, entertainment, sports, movies, and more. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch https://ift.tt/2n48esY

Sony Teams Up With Netflix in an Attempt to Please TV Nerds

The Netflix partnership is an industry first. The new Sony Master Series TVs come with a feature called Netflix Calibrated Mode. According to Sony and Netflix, this special setting ensures that Netflix content will look as close as possible to what the creator intended. That means if you’re watching Lost in Space, the stark landscapes and strange space creatures on screen will match what showrunner Zack Estrin wanted them to look like. – Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo https://ift.tt/2mXcqKO

Roku debuts five faster, cheaper streamers from $30 to $100

The fifth, the Roku Streaming Stick Plus ($70), is completely new yet could be an all-star. It builds on my favorite streamer of 2016, the Roku Streaming Stick, by adding 4K HDR playback at a price that matches competitors from Amazon and Google. It also includes that TV control remote, as well as a new antenna attachment said to improve Wi-Fi reception in problem areas. – David Katzmaier, CNET http://ift.tt/2xKGUXJ

Roku is the top streaming device in the U.S and still growing, report finds

Roku isn’t only maintaining its lead as the top streaming media player device in the U.S., it’s increasing it. That’s the conclusion from the latest industry report out today from market intelligence firm Parks Associates Research, which states that 37 percent of streaming devices in U.S. households are Roku devices, as of the first quarter of this year. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2g8LN5C

YouTube on Android TV plays catch-up with new design, auto-play controls

An update to the YouTube app on Android TV is rolling out now, bringing the interface on par with what’s been available on smart TVs for a while now. […] There’s also a big change to how the Android TV YouTube app handles auto-play. Before, the next video started automatically, immediately following whatever you were watching. Now there’s a 5-second buffer, which means to you can choose something else from the recommended items or pause playback before the next video begins. – Billy Steele, Engadget http://engt.co/2seEfzA

Smart TV hack embeds attack code into broadcast signal—no access required

The proof-of-concept exploit uses a low-cost transmitter to embed malicious commands into a rogue TV signal. That signal is then broadcast to nearby devices. It worked against two fully updated TV models made by Samsung. By exploiting two known security flaws in the Web browsers running in the background, the attack was able to gain highly privileged root access to the TVs. By revising the attack to target similar browser bugs found in other sets, the technique would likely work on a much wider range of TVs. – Dan Goodin, Ars Technica UK http://ift.tt/2nYyB5m

Streaming TV industry says

Aside from just looking better, HDR is also more practical to deliver than 4K. On the production side, 4K is a more expensive investment, requiring new cameras that can capture in higher resolution. By contrast, today’s 1080p cameras can already capture enough dynamic range for HDR, and the format mainly requires only post-production work to deliver its benefits. – Jared Newman, TechHive http://ift.tt/2qPe9T0

YouTube is bringing 360-degree videos to your TV

Google says the feature will roll out in the next few months to Android TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as 2017 4K TVs from LG and Samsung. Once you have access to it, you’ll be able to play 360-degree videos and use a remote or game controller to pan around the environment as you’re watching. If you’ve ever checked out one of these on your smartphone, the main difference here is you won’t be swiping to get a different view — and you’ll enjoy the videos on a much, much bigger screen. – Edgar Alvarez, Engadget http://engt.co/2rfQr5A
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