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The FTC is suing AT&T for throttling customers with unlimited data

The Federal Trade Commission, which worked closely with the Federal Communications Commission on the case, alleges that AT&T didn’t clearly articulate its throttling policy in marketing materials. The carrier importantly failed to impart the implications to customers who renewed their contracts, violating the FTC Act when it charged those who canceled their contracts after seeing reduced speeds. AT&T made a more egregious transgression in the seemingly arbitrary way it reduced bandwidth. The FTC estimates that roughly 3.5 million customers were impacted more than 25 million times over several years, many without notice or explanation. Their speed was repeatedly cut to dial-up levels on an average of 12 days out of the month, making services like Web browsing, GPS navigation, and video streaming nearly impossible to use. – Kyle Wiggers,Digital Trends 
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How Much Data Does Your Streaming Music App Eat Up?

The amount of data your service chews up depends on the quality settings. For Beats Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music, a high-quality stream maxes out at 320kbps. (Not all tracks are available at that high quality, but most are.) Pandora is the only big mainstream service we could find that doesn’t offer 320kbps streams. In fact, on mobile it maxes out at 64kbps. Lower quality streams obviously use way less data. So what does that mean in terms of your data plan? 320kbps rate translates to 2.40 MB per minute of audio or 115.2 MB per hour. So if you were to stream music for an entire eight hour work day, you’d burn through nearly 1 GB. If you have a 2GB cap like I do, then this is not an advisable splurge! – Mario Aguilar,Gizmodo
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How Entertainment Companies Are Fighting Lawsuits Over Disclosures of Who’s Watching

This year has been an important one on the [Video Privacy Protection Act] front as Hulu, Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive Studios and AMC Network have been separately fighting proposed class action lawsuits in regards to alleged disclosures made about who’s watching what. These lawsuits have attempted to articulate all sorts of theories on how consumer privacy has been violated — from information shared with a metrics company providing reports for the purpose of selling advertising to information shared with Facebook. Plaintiffs have also brought up alleged disclosures like smartphone registration IDs and Roku device serial numbers. – Eriq Gardner,The Hollywood Reporter 
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FCC starts the process for making ‘5G’ gigabit mobile data a reality

[T]he Federal Communications Commission has begun the process to push into 5G for mobile data. The government’s communications council voted unanimously to start looking into accessing the higher-than-24GHz frequency spectrum that was previously thought to be, as Reuters notes, unusable by mobile networks. […] However, these waves only work over short distances for now and require line of sight for their point-to-point microwave connections. And that, my friends, is what the FCC is hoping to fix in the interim. What the vote means is that the groundwork is being laid, and research to make sure the tech is actually feasible now has the green light. – Timothy J. Seppala,Engadget 
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United: Wi-Fi, streaming video coming to regional jets

United Airlines says it will add Wi-Fi and streaming in-flight entertainment to more than 200 of the bigger regional jets flown that fly for the company’s United Express affiliates. […] The in-flight entertainment options will debut later, coming online “early next year,” United says in a statement. The company says the specified United Express aircraft will get offerings that include “a wide range of movies and television shows.” Customers will be able to stream the options via Wi-Fi-enabled iOS and Android devices using United’s mobile app. Customers also will be able to view the offerings on their laptop computers. – Ben Mutzabaugh,USA TODAY  
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Skybrite Introduces “Netflix for Audio” Streaming Service

Described as the “Netflix for Audio,” subscribers can listen to thousands of best-selling audiobooks, stand-up comedy performances, personal development courses, children’s stories, business trainings, guided meditations, celebrity interviews, language learning, audio theater performances, informative lectures, and much more. […] New subscribers are invited to a free trial of Skybrite by visiting http://www.skybrite.com, after which a $9.99/month subscription fee will apply. The service is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and Android tablets. Desktop version will be available soon. – VentureBeat  
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TV Still The King Of The Screens: comScore

The [comScore, Inc.] study […] found that Millennials spend about one-third of their original TV series consumption time watching on digital platforms. Boiled down by category, 66% of that time watching TV among Millennials was done on a traditional television, versus 19% of that time on desktops and laptops, 6% on smartphones, and 6% on tablets. […], about 84% for consumers in the 35-54 year-old age group spent their time watching scripted TV shows on the traditional television, rising to 90% among consumers who are 55 years or older. […] Among other findings, consumers who subscribe to paid digital video services are more likely to binge-view TV shows over a monthly period – 87% vs. 69%. TV via the DVR (43%) is the preferred binge-viewing platform, followed by the TV via VOD (19%); Internet connected TV devices (12%); live TV – a category that includes reruns or marathons from MVPDs – (11%); tablets (4%), desktops/laptops (3%); and smartphones (2%). 

Unsurprisingly, Millennials are also more likely to be cord-nevers or cord-cutters. – Jeff Baumgartner,Multichannel News
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Samsung and Google Play Team Up to Corner the Latin-American Streaming Market

Google Play has joined with Samsung in a bold move for the quickly growing Latin American music streaming market. Via a promotion launched in September, anyone who buys a new Samsung device (Galaxy S4, S5 and Galaxy Tab) in any of 17 countries gets a free six-month subscription to the service — and beginning Nov. 1, all owners of a Samsung smartphone, tablet or Level product get a three-month free subscription. […] There are 41 million smartphone users in Brazil alone — the biggest Latin market — and 90 percent of those run on the Google-developed Android system, according to Kantar Worldpanel. In Mexico, there are 25 million smartphones, of which 84% run on Android. – Leila Cobo,Billboard  
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SK Telecom, Samsung claim mobile streaming breakthrough

Korean telco SK Telecom 캠퍼스리포터 has, together with Samsung Electronics, successfully completed development of ‘True Real Time Mobile Streaming’ technology that is essential for mobile live streaming and achieved its world’s first demonstration over a LTE network. The users of legacy live video streaming over mobile networks have experienced inconvenience with up to 15 seconds of latency compared to TV or IPTV. For example, in case of watching sports games such as soccer, mobile users could watch the game results about 15 seconds later than TV or IPTV users. […] By successfully demonstrating the technology with Btv Mobile, SK Telecom’s mobile IPTV service, SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics confirmed that the latency was reduced by 80 per cent to record three seconds. – Colin Mann,Advanced Television  

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Adding Bluetooth support to your car

I just bought a used Toyota Matrix 2011 and it has an AUX port to plug your phone or MP3 player so it plays on the car radio. It’s a great feature and I’ve been using it but the audio wire is annoying and is always in the way. I have decided to add a Bluetooth audio receiver to the car while making sure the AUX port is still available if needed. – Guillaume Fournier,Instructables 
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