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Music streaming pioneer SoundCloud raises $75M from Pandora owner SiriusXM

SoundCloud, the music streaming company that has been described as the “YouTube of audio” because of its profusion of user-generated content, has some big, strategic investment news today. The company has raised $75 million in funding from satellite radio giant SiriusXM, owner of streaming giant Pandora, which has an ad partnership with SoundCloud. – Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/31JQre0

SoundCloud explores underground music scenes in a miniseries

The first episode (which focuses on LA’s burgeoning goth rap scene) premieres on SoundCloud’s YouTube channel on July 20th at 10AM Eastern, and you’ll get a new episode each month for the rest of 2017. It’s something of a gamble for SoundCloud, but it might be one of the company’s wiser strategies given some of its recent messes. – Jon Fingas, Engadget http://ift.tt/2vylOXL

SoundCloud, the ‘YouTube for audio’, cuts 173 jobs, closes San Francisco, London offices

The news comes after a rough period for SoundCloud. After opening but never closing two potential acquisitions, first to Twitter and then to Spotify, in March, Soundcloud arranged a $70 million credit line to help the business continue to operate as it worked on closing a round of funding believed to be in the region of $100 million. – Ingrid Lunden, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2tWeVCU

SoundCloud Hires a Chief Revenue Officer as It Preps Its Subscription Service

photo: Re/Code

SoundCloud, the music and audio-sharing service, has hired digital media veteran Alison Moore as its chief revenue officer. Moore, whose resume includes stints at NBCUniversal and HBO, joins SoundCloud as it is getting ready to launch a consumer subscription service. – Peter Kafka, Re/code

If SoundCloud evaporates, prepare for musical drought

SoundCloud fills a void no other streaming service can account for, a fact that becomes most evident when we take a look at the platform’s massive digital library. The company currently hosts approximately 110 million audio tracks, almost four times the 30 million or so songs available on popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. A large percentage of that music simply isn’t available elsewhere. – Parker Hall, Digital Trends

Soundcloud launches free ‘track stations’ on iOS following iTunes Radio shutdown

SoundCloud today has introduced a new similar feature called Stations for free on its own music streaming platform. […] In initial testing, it appears that stations use a mix of your likes and previous listens to play other music you might like. A similar feature has existed on the web platform for a few months now, although not specifically titled as such. – Greg Barbosa, 9to5Mac.com

SoundCloud And Universal Music Licensing Deal Halted As Streaming Service Fights Lawsuit

photo: Shutterstock, Inquisitr

This stalling was reportedly caused by a lawsuit in which SoundCloud was being sued for royalties by the UK’s PRS for Music (Performing Rights Society). This lawsuit is only one case of several in which SoundCloud is being pressured to enter licensing deals with all copyright holders. […] Nevertheless, SoundCloud has already began preparations for the partnership by removing SoundCloud users who mix music that they don’t own rights to and even caused some Indie labels who used the service to be hit with lawsuits themselves. – Nichole Tucker, The Inquisitr

Major UK music body sues SoundCloud over unpaid royalties

photo: Engadget

In an email sent to members, Performing Rights Society for Music notes: “Following five years of unsuccessful negotiations, we now find ourselves in a situation where we have no alternative but to commence legal proceedings.” It believes that SoundCloud should acquire a license to offer music created by its 111,000 members and says that while it has asked the company “numerous times to recognise their responsibilities,” its demands “have not been met.” – Matt Brian, Engadget
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