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T-Mobile agrees to help users accurately test for reduced data speeds

T-Mobile will begin giving its customers clearer information about when they’re placed on reduced data speeds. Under a new agreement with the Federal Communications Commission, T-Mobile will provide customers with a link to a speed test when they’re placed on reduced data speeds so that they can accurately see what kind of service they’re getting. The updated policy was announced today and will go into effect within 60 days. […] T-Mobile will take a number of other actions to clarify its reduced speed policies. T-Mobile already sends customers a text message to inform them when they’ve used up their high-speed data allotment and are being moved onto reduced speeds, and it’ll modify the language in those messages to note that some speed tests only show full network speeds. The messages will also better explain what type of speeds customers can expect. T-Mobile will also update its website to better explain its speed test policies and will provide a button on customers’ phones that will direct them to an accurate test. – Jacob Kastrenakes,The Verge
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If you suspect your Netflix is dragging, here’s how to test and find out

The quickest and easiest gauge of Netflix streaming speed and resolution is a test clip that Netflix itself makes available. This short reel allows you to test your streaming speeds using actual content. As the clip runs, it displays your bitrate and the resulting video resolution in the corner of your screen. To run the test, navigate to a search box and enter, “Example Short 23.976.” Afterward, click the blue Play button directly right of the first result and view your streaming information in the corner as the 11-minute montage of video footage plays in the background. The streaming information updates in real time, but don’t fret if the numbers start out low — they’ll likely increase as the video buffers. Also, expect a barrage of tranquil waterfalls, blinking circles, a sunset time lapse, and a random guy juggling soccer balls. Once the numbers stay consistent and stop fluctuating, you’ll have a solid idea of your streaming speeds, which you can then compare to the reported speed of your ISP in Netflixs speed index, which we cover below. Don’t be surprised to see your results vary depending on time of day. Often, streaming speeds will slow during peak viewing hours. – Rick Stella,Digital Trends