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YouTube claims it removed 5x more hateful content in Q2, including 100K+ videos, 17K+ channels

In an update today, YouTube is claiming to have made significant progress in removing harmful video on its platform following a June update to its content policy which prohibited supremacist and other hateful content. The company says it has this quarter removed over 100,000 videos and terminated over 17,000 channels for hate speech — a 5x increase over Q1. It also removed nearly double the number of comments to over 500 million, in part due to an increase in hate speech removals. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch » https://tcrn.ch/32sqhMb

YouTube Removed Videos of Robots Fighting, Calling it Animal Abuse

Pohorecky said that after her video was removed and her account was given a strike, there wasn’t a clear option to protest the decision—and as a beta user for YouTube’s new Studio for creators, she found out that the appeal process to be more convoluted than the old interface. She said that the new YouTube Studio removes the “appeal” button from the interface next to removed videos, and now forces creators to navigate through several screens of video information to find the option to appeal. – Samantha Cole, MOTHERBOARD » https://ift.tt/2NrnAWL

Will Comcast Corporation, Yahho! Inc. And The Streaming Video Alliance Reshape The Future Of…

Dan Rayburn, founding member of the Streaming Video Alliance and principal analyst at Streaming Media, said that one of the industry’s biggest problems is that there are no standards. […] Rayburn said that the Alliance does not believe it can solve all of these issues. Apple Inc. and Google Inc are just two of the companies that have their own standards and don’t want to work together. This makes it difficult to end the fragmentation. “That doesn’t mean that best practices can’t be put forth for content owners and ISPs and vendors in terms of how to grow the market faster, how to provide a better quality experience,” said Rayburn. “For instance, did you know there’s no definition for what HD video is on the Web?” – Louis Bedigian,Benzinga
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