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The CEO of CBS Says Streaming is Responsible for Star Trek: Discovery’s Serialized Storytelling

Speaking at a conference in San Francisco, [CBS CEO Leslie Moonves] talked about All Access and how Discovery fit into the network’s strategy for it, saying, as quoted by TrekMovie.com, “[Star Trek: Discovery] could have gone on CBS, it could have gone on Showtime, it could have gone directly to Netflix instead of just international, for a lot of money. There is a distinction. The Good Fight is a spin-off of a successful CBS show. It is sort of different on All Access, they can be serialized. On CBS we try to avoid that generally. Network television generally works better when it is not serialized.” – Julie Muncy, Gizmodo http://ift.tt/2FcJwBY


Apparently, Star Trek Continues was simply contacted by a division of CBS (likely CBS Interactive or else someone in marketing) and offered the option of becoming a CBS All Access Affiliate, promoting subscriptions to the network’s streaming service through online banners on their startrekcontinues.com website. […] Some fans raised an eyebrow when they noticed the words “invited to join” in the STC announcement. But according to James Hams of trekfanproductions.com, “Trekgeeks, TrekZone and STC were asked to be affiliates…these 3 have like thousands of people to help pull in new signups.” – Author Jonathan Lane, Fan Film Factor http://ift.tt/2qjFE9K