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MovieSwap DVD-Streaming Service Canceled

For now, Vodkaster will focus on its existing DVD-to-digital and streaming platform in France, which claims to have a collection of 200,000 discs. “We have an ambitious win-win plan to make the (electronic sell-through) market grow through a new, smart disc-to-digital user experience, including strong partnerships with major French retailers,” [CEO Cyril Barthet] said. – Todd Spangler, Variety

Kickstarter Buys Streaming Music Service Drip

Kickstarter announced today that it swooped in to purchase Drip, which also serves as a community for independent labels, just a day before the streaming service was set to shut down. […] “Like Kickstarter, artists on Drip enjoy closer connections to the fans who help sustain their work. And fans enjoy early access to new releases, rare tracks, unique experiences, visual art, exclusive video, writing, and beyond,” the crowdfunding site said in a statement. “At heart, we’ve been on similar paths.” – Ashlee Kieler, Consumerist http://ift.tt/1pqKbTR

Pirate Bay Sends 100,000 New Users to “Free” VPN

This week The Pirate Bay replaced its frontpage logo to promote a new VPN service, driving 100,000 new customers to the startup. FrootVPN currently offers its services for free, but admits that this may not last forever. […] While a free VPN sounded like a good idea, the VPN service has become a victim of its own success. They gained 100,000 users in less than a week and admit that it’s not sustainable to keep the service free forever. “The word has spread rapidly and we thank all our promoters including TPB for supporting us. We got 100,000 users within a week, which we never expected. However, this does indicate that we will be forced to charge something for the service in order to maintain it,” FrootVPN says. – Ernesto,TorrentFreak 
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1ruxZMa )

Kim Dotcom & Baboom Sever All Ties

In a surprise move Kim Dotcom has sold all of his shares in music startup Baboom. […] From the beginning Baboom’s stated aim was to disrupt the music industry by closing the gap between artists and fans, rewarding the former with most of the profits. The latter would be put in a win-win situation via free ad-supported music streaming. The one constant that remained throughout was Kim Dotcom himself, a person with whom the service was inextricably linked, both financially and from branding and marketing perspectives. Today, however, that has all come to an end. […] Perhaps the most curious element of Dotcom’s exit from the business is the language being used by Baboom chief executive Grant Edmundson. While he wishes the Baboom founder well, a single sentence distances Dotcom from the company in every possible way. “The transaction means Dotcom no longer has any equity or role in Baboom, nor any relationship with the company,” Edmundson said.- Andy,TorrentFreak
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