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Court rules the FCC can’t block state net neutrality laws

The FCC has won a key bid to uphold its repeal of net neutrality, but at a significant cost. A federal appeals court handling a Mozilla complaint has ruled that most of the repeal can stand, but that the FCC had “not shown legal authority” to ban states from implementing their own laws. The regulator was trying to “categorically abolish” states’ established power to regulate communications within their borders, according to the court. – Jon Fingas, Engadget » https://engt.co/2oWgXl0 [photo:Orin Zebest/Flickr]


Alabama considers tax on streaming movies, TV shows

Back in the days of the corner video store, customers would pay a rental tax every time they checked out a movie. However, with more viewers opting for online, Alabama is poised to lose millions. To solve this, the revenue department is proposing a new rule requiring companies pay a 4-percent state tax on digital transmissions such as “on demand” movies, television programs and streaming video or audio. – AL.com via Associated Press

Your Internet service might not actually be true broadband anymore

[I]n descending order of percentage of average download speed, Indiana (24.74 Mbps), Arkansas (23.8), New Mexico (23.24), South Carolina (23.1), Mississippi (22.79), Wisconsin (22.78), Hawaii (21.34), North Carolina (20.59), Ohio (20.08), Colorado (18.97), Kentucky (17,09), and Maine (16.65).

If you look at just rural parts of the country, it’s even worse. Aside the fact that no one in the any part of the U.S. unincorporated organized territories American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands now has access to broadband, that’s also true of at least 80% of residents in rural parts of Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Montana, Oklahoma, Montana, Texas, and Vermont. – Kevin Collier, The Daily Dot

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