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Scammers Abuse Steam to Attract Would-Be Movie Pirates

A number of scammers are abusing the Steam platform to lure would-be pirates to questionable download sites. After clicking images and links listing popular movies, many visitors are redirected to subscription portals where – despite payment – none of the promised movies are offered for viewing. – Andy, TorrentFreak » http://bit.ly/2KyVJn6

Valve releases statement about Steam’s Christmas fiasco

photo: SlashGear

So what did happen? Well, it started out with a DoS attack. If you’re not familiar, a DoS attack is where a group will flood a website with traffic, in attempt to bring it down. Naturally, this is something at Valve is more than used to, and they took the appropriate action. This involved utilizing a set of caching rules managed by another company that specializes in web caching. Unfortunately, this is where things went wrong. – Chris Scott Barr, SlashGear

Steam unveils game live streaming to compete with Twitch

Steam has today unveiled a new beta feature called ‘Broadcasting’ that allows you to stream your games to your friends — just like on Twitch — directly from Steam’s client. […] Broadcasting only starts when someone jumps in to watch and ends when the game is quit, however users have the option to also broadcast their desktop to stop the stream from ending. Steam broadcasts are only available live at launch and can’t be saved for later. – Owen Williams,The Next Web
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