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Buy Roku shares because it is disrupting television with its streaming platform: Analyst

“Disintermediation of television content and services leaves Roku in a position to capitalize on its role as a new-age intermediary,” analyst Paul Golding said in a note to clients Thursday. “Given higher margin, scalable platform business, 2020 earnings should jump.” Roku shares were up 3.6 percent Thursday afternoon. The company’s stock is down 16 percent in 2018 through Wednesday versus the S&P 500’s 4 percent return. – Tae Kim, CNBC https://ift.tt/2HOWjqG

YouTube has removed thousands of videos from extremist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki

al-Awalaki’s vast archive of other videos, such as his lectures on the history of Islam, have been removed, according to the Times, due to pressure from governments and advocates. Using a “hash function” to fingerprint individual videos that flags and puts them before a team of human reviewers, YouTube can prevent the same videos from being uploaded over and over again. The Times notes that where 70,000 videos associated with al-Awalaki were accessible on the site earlier this fall, only 18,600 remain, most of which are news reports about him and his life. The officials told the Times that while their rules prohibit videos that incite terrorism, removing all of al Awlaki’s videos is a special case. – Andrew Liptak, The Verge http://ift.tt/2yUqQnp

Kodi fights trademark trolls trying to charge for its media app

The media center app developer has revealed that it’s battling “trademark trolls” who’ve registered the Kodi name as their own and are using that mark to profit from software that’s supposed to be free to distribute. The culprits may charge you to host Kodi on a website, for example, or make you buy their Kodi boxes instead of others. And this isn’t a theoretical worry, either. – Jon FIngas, Engadget http://ift.tt/2wVHsc1

This smart cross-trainer works your ass off for the right to watch Netflix

The DIY cross-trainer works in a simple way: Fill in your workout routine, select the movie or show you want to see, and the device will load up the title in Netflix. Once you start training and reach your desired tempo, the show will start streaming. But should you fall below your desired rhythm, Cyxflix will cut off the fun. – Mix, The Next Web http://ift.tt/2v5XSyw

Roku hits 15 million monthly users, 7 billion hours streamed in first half of 2017

With 15 million active users, Roku isn’t necessarily running away with the market, nor is it lagging behind. According to eMarketer data from last fall, the Chromecast in 2016 had 30.6 million U.S. users, while Apple TV lagged with 20.5 million U.S. users. At the time, the Fire TV was predicted to capture 27 percent of the U.S. market share by 2020, followed by Chromecast (29.5%), Roku (22.7%), and Apple TV (12.8%). – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2uS2J3e

YouTube on Android TV plays catch-up with new design, auto-play controls

An update to the YouTube app on Android TV is rolling out now, bringing the interface on par with what’s been available on smart TVs for a while now. […] There’s also a big change to how the Android TV YouTube app handles auto-play. Before, the next video started automatically, immediately following whatever you were watching. Now there’s a 5-second buffer, which means to you can choose something else from the recommended items or pause playback before the next video begins. – Billy Steele, Engadget http://engt.co/2seEfzA
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