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Netflix will increase the price of streaming for its most loyal members

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While the record quarterly growth in subscribers (and resulting rising share price – up 124 percent in 12 months) give the company reason to cheer, the company’s most loyal subscribers in the US will get slapped with a price increase later this year. Customers on ‘grandfathered’ plans (ie. people who signed up years ago before new pricing tiers were introduced) that cost $7.99 for HD streaming will be given the option to continue streaming in standard definition (SD) instead or to pay $9.99 per month to continue watching in HD. – Ben Woods, The Next Web
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Is NBC’s streaming service Seeso the future of TV bingeing?

Seeso is also presenting itself as the budget-minded streaming service: When the ad-free site officially launches next month, subscriptions will cost $3.99/month — significantly cheaper than Netflix’s $8.99-$11.99/month. You can think of Seeso, then, as an add-on to whatever service you already have. In that sense, Seeso may represent the (not-so distant) future of streaming: cheap streaming subscriptions you can purchase a la carte, in lieu of cable TV. – Rudi Greenberg, Washington Post

PlayStation Vue (Almost) Looks Like a Cord-Cutter’s Dream Come True

[L]aunching today in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, that streams both live and pre-recorded TV programming over the internet. [PlayStation Vue] includes most major broadcasters—including their local affliates, so you’ll get local news and weather—and a good number of the cable channels you’d want. It streams at 720p resolution, so you only need a stable 5Mbps internet connection or better. […] you need to live in one of those three cities and have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 3 game console. More platforms (including iPad) and markets (Sony says it’s targeting large cities first) are coming later on. It’s a no-contract service with no promo prices, so you can pay your $50 a month as long as you like and quit anytime you want. […] speaking of holes, PlayStation Vue’s channel lineup—while pretty impressive!—still has a bunch of them. No HBO, no ABC, no ESPN, no A&E or History Channel, no BBC America, and no Disney to choose from. AMC is coming “very shortly after launch.” – Sean Hollister, Gizmodo
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Apple will share viewer data to programmers on its TV service, claims report

According to the New York Post, Apple plans to share viewer data, such as demographics, what’s being watched and when to broadcast networks and other programmers. This level of data would help programmers target advertising to Apple TV customers, and isn’t something usually provided by cable companies, Amazon.com, or Netflix. The Post cites sources saying Apple plans to launch its service in the fall, and it has been in talks with Disney, CBS, FOX, and Discovery Communications for content partnerships. – Dan Seifert, The Verge
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Sling TV brings streaming channels to Xbox One with 1-month trial

Xbox one owners who want to ditch their cable connection have a new tool to speed them on their way today. […] Pricing for Sling TV starts at $20 for the “Best of Live TV” package that includes 17 channels. Users can also choose to add additional channels through the service’s Sports Extra, News Extra, Kids Extra, Hollywood Extra and Lifestyle Extra packages, which each cost $5 a month. People who own an Xbox will also get a whole month to try out the service, which is longer than the one week trial timeframe that’s available to other customers. – Blair Hanley Frank, GeekWire
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The Best Lesser-Known Services for Legally Streaming Movies and TV

When you sit down to watch something, what you pick is largely dependent on your mood. Because of that, this guide is organized by what you might be looking to watch. Whether you feel like catching something light, like cartoons, or something dark, like an old horror movie, or something new, like a fresh TV show, there are plenty of services to choose from. – Patrick Allan, Lifehacker 

Next up for Sling TV: A half-price Nexus Player promo

Sling TV really would like you to try its new internet-based TV service, and it’s even willing to chip in for your streaming player. The company announced a promotion featuring devices from Roku and Amazon Thursday, shipping free Roku streaming sticks or Fire TV sticks to new customers who elect to pre-pay for three months of Sling TV service. Alternatively, users could opt to get a Roku 3 or Fire TV streaming box for 50 percent off. – Janko Roettgers, Gigaom 
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Roku Strikes Fresh Deal to Integrate Rdio More Deeply into Its Platform

All Roku users where the service is available will be able to use Rdio’s free internet radio options, but if you’re a paying Rdio customer you can also access Rdio Unlimited, the company’s paid, on-demand streaming service. Handily, billing for Rdio is also now integrated with Roku’s platform, so you can pay using your Roku account. To celebrate the deal, Rdio is offering a free two month Rdio Unlimted subscription with the purchase of any new Roku player or Roku TV before the end of the year. – Ben Woods,The Next Web
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