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Massive Legal Bills Force TVAddons’ Adam Lackman Towards Bankruptcy

In his latest fundraising effort, launched this week, he’s seeking a total of CAD$171,981 – an amount which includes close to CAD$50,000 to cover some of the plaintiffs’ legal fees, previously awarded to them by the court. – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2LGB6Vm [photo:TVaddons]


FitzyTV Uses Your TV Everywhere Credentials to Stream 75+ Live Channels From a Single App

[FitzyTV] currently supports 77 channels, which appear on a standard grid guide. Some of those channels include locals like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and cable channels like CNN, Discovery, USA, TBS, and TNT. It even works with sports networks like ESPN, FS1, NBCSN, as well as Regional Sports Networks like NBC Sports Chicago, MSG, and NESN[.] – Jason Gurwin, The Streamable » http://bit.ly/2R9jaSC

Google’s adding native Chrome support for FLAC lossless audio files

Google is adding a little treat for audiophiles in the next version of Google Chrome. Chrome 56, which is expected to roll out by the end of January, is coming with native support for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) audio files meaning you can play the high-quality sound files directly in the browser, as first noticed by 9to5Google. – Ian Paul, TechHive http://ift.tt/2iuD4X1

Even If You Have A Smart TV, You Still Need A Separate Streaming Device

Smart TVs often tout their ability to tap into Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and… well… that’s often just about it. The reason: It takes a lot of work to make the deals needed to go way down that long tail, and TV manufacturers are often too busy assembling their sets to meet with niche content providers. “You’d have to have a pretty significant staff to go and negotiate with the WWE or NFL Network to get it on your TV,” Chris Larson, vice president of sales and marketing for TCL TV (which uses Roku’s streaming software in its TVs in lieu of developing its own streaming platform) told me. On top of that, there’s little incentive for streaming services without a ton of resources to develop for a dozen TV manufacturers’ non-compatible platforms—especially if each platform only has a small fraction of the audience of Apple TV. – Seth Porges, Forbes http://ift.tt/2g8xBER

Slingbox Support Dropped From Chrome Browsers

As Google modernizes their Chrome web browser, Sling has alerted customers that they’re unprepared to continue streaming support at this time. […] While Sling has once again released a desktop client (yes!), it’s incomplete and support hasn’t been extended to most models (not to mention the software is next to impossible to find) — so that’s not an option for most impacted by this news. Indeed, in speaking with Sling last June, I got the sense that their player intentions were somewhat in flux… so it’ll be interesting to see where we ultimately land. For the interim, I guess us Slingbox owners have one more reason to keep Firefox around. – Dave Zatz,Zatz Not Funny
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