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Nearly 7% of Disney+ users with Netflix plan to cancel Netflix, survey shows

The bank’s survey of over 1,000 Americans showed that 6.5% of respondents using both services said they plan to terminate their Netflix accounts. – Thomas Franck, CNBC » https://ift.tt/2EHd6ND [photo: Bank of America]


PlayStation 4 Is the Most Popular Pornhub Console

[As] for which gaming console gets the most Pornhub use, the PlayStation 4 is the big winner. 51.5 percent, just over half of all game console traffic, comes from PlayStation 4. The Xbox One follows with 34.7 percent. At first we just figured this reflected sheer numbers and tech realities. The PlayStation 4 has the advantage of course because there are just way more of them out there. And the similarly popular Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a web browser so it can’t access Pornhub at all. However, the extremely dead Sony handheld the PlayStation Vita somehow comes in third with 9.1 percent. So maybe there just is something special about porn and PlayStation. – Jordan Minor, Geek.com » https://ift.tt/2PiU3zi

Majority of people cancelling Netflix had subscribed for over a year

Virtually half of those who cancelled cited the latest price increase as the key factor in doing so. KilltheCableBill reasoned that suggested there was no guarantee Netflix would be able to win them back especially as the likes of Apple TV+ and Disney+ were noticeably cheaper. Just over two-fifths of those who have recently cancelled indicated they aren’t pleased with Netflix’s current content slate which has been increasingly focused on its original series. Around the same percentage of recent former subscribers said they were subscribing to other streaming services instead. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News » https://ift.tt/2Qx2wjg [photo: KilltheCableBill.com]

Roku survey says streaming makes us foul-breathed liars

[Roku] put together a survey to uncover some of our habits when it comes to streaming. It also speaks to our fears of missing out, or FOMO. According to the survey results, 28 percent of US adults between the ages of 18 and 34 have lied about watching a movie, TV show or sporting event in order to feel included as part of a group, and 59 percent admitted to lying and saying they were doing another activity when they were actually streaming. – Joshua Goldman, CNET

OTT trends: the latest findings

photo: Broadband TV News

[T]he majority of the OTT audience falls within the 22-29 age range (29%), followed by 30-39 (6%). […] Most users of premium VOD services reside in big cities – 32% in a population of over 8 million and another 28% in those with over one million. This is completely different for free OTT services, with 41% of respondents living in cities with populations of up to 500,000. – Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News

In Holland 61% of viewing time is non-linear

photo: Broadband TV News

The figures come from a survey of 6,600 Dutch consumers aged 12-80 during the second quarter of 2015 by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel. The survey found that watching live TV is still by far the most popular way to consume video content, accounting on average for almost two hours a day. However, there are large differences across age groups. People 50 or older spend about 140 minutes a day on average watching live TV, while teenagers (12 up to 20 years old) only watch 68 minutes of live TV a day. – Broadband TV News

Here’s what (you say) you’re watching on Netflix

photo: Netflix

More than half of Netflix viewers say they’ve watched “Orange Is the New Black” and nearly half say they’ve watched “House of Cards.” Marvel’s Daredevil,” released last spring, has done well, and so has “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (which is awesome — you should watch it if you haven’t). – Peter Kafka, Re/code
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