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Streaming Piracy Remains Constant in Sweden, Despite Boost in Legal Consumption

With more options to stream content legally presenting themselves online, it was hoped that use of unlicensed ‘pirate’ sites would decrease. But in Sweden, where more and more people are indeed subscribing to services like Netflix, the volumes of people visiting pirate sites remains constant at around 20% of the population. – Andy, TorrentFreak » https://ift.tt/2lLe4C1

The Pirate Bay will be losing its iconic web address

The ruling from Sweden’s Court of Appeals upholds a ruling from the Stockholm District Court from last year. The case was actually against Punkt SE (IIS), Sweden’s domain-name authority, which has ultimate control over all .se addresses. The prosecution charged that because thepiratebay.se and piratebay.se were being used for illegal content, the domains should be suspended, and IIS held responsible for damages. With both the original ruling and the appeal going in the prosecution’s favor, things look bleak for The Pirate Bay. This won’t be the end of the site by any means — taking control of a domain name just means that the site will have to move to a different web address, in a different jurisdiction. – Chris Mills, BGR

The Pirate Bay won’t be blocked on its home turf

Numerous countries order their internet service providers block The Pirate Bay, but its home country of Sweden won’t be one of them… at least, for now. A Stockholm court has ruled that Sweden can’t make ISPs block the piracy site, since those companies aren’t responsible for what their customers do. The networks aren’t participating in any crimes, according to the ruling — they’re just the delivery medium. – Jon Fingas, Engadget

Crackdown on illegal streaming in Sweden

Users of illegal movie and television series streaming sites in Sweden including Popcorn Time are set to be tracked by a Danish lawfirm representing “major Hollywood companies” and could face fines of around 2000 SEK ($231). […] The crackdown is set to get underway in the summer and will focus on those logging on to sites including Dream Film, Swefilmer and Popcorn Time. – The Local

Jay Z has reportedly completed his acquisition of Swedish streaming company Aspiro

Jay Z has completed his acquisition of streaming services TIDAL and WiMP Music, after the company’s shareholders approved his bid to buy Swedish company Aspiro, Billboard reports. […] Streaming sites are big business in northern Europe. And that’s especially true for countries like Sweden. The latest data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) shows that streaming music sales make up 80% of recorded music income in Sweden. – James Cook, Business Insider 
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Streaming music massive in Scandinavia

An estimated 8 million Nordic music fans regularly use music streaming services such as Spotify or WiMP Music, according to a study from Polaris Nordic. […] The study reported that fully 78 percent of Nordic internet users aged 15 to 65 are digital music consumers and have used services such as YouTube, Spotify, Wimp or iTunes to access music content at some time in the past 12 months. […] The Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey was conducted in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden in June 2014. The online survey targeted 4,000 internet users (1,000 per country) aged 15 to 65. – Ray Weaver,The Copenhagen Post
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Netflix Looks to the Old World for New Growth

France, meet “Yeux Fous.” This month, Netflix, the world’s largest subscription streaming video service, will offer the original series Orange Is the New Black and other programming to six European nations, including Germany and France. It aims to reduce its reliance on the U.S. market and establish global dominance before Time Warner’s HBO GO and Amazon.com’s Prime Instant Video do. […] HBO and sister channel Cinemax have 127 million worldwide customers. The cable channel is expanding internationally with HBO Go, the mobile and streaming product that already competes with Netflix in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, Amazon operates in the U.K. and Germany, where it offers Instant Video to subscribers of its Prime delivery service. – Lucas Shaw,Bloomberg Businessweek
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HBO Streaming May Expand To Countries In Europe And Asia

Two years after HBO began offering its television shows as a standalone subscription service in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway through a service called HBO Nordic, it’s now looking into expanding the model to other countries, according to an article published Sunday in the The Wall Street Journal. […] The move comes as HBO subscriptions have begun to shrink in the U.S., according to Variety, and as video content competition increases from online services such as Netflix Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and other providers. At the same time, HBO’s revenue in the international market is growing quickly, accounting for about one-quarter of the company’s $4.9 billion in annual revenue. In September, Netflix plans to launch its own streaming service in six European countries, including Germany and France. – Luke Villapaz,International Business Times