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‘Swissflix’: Switzerland plans own Netflix

The model is Netflix, but, if possible, the Swiss offer should be free of charge for viewers. After all, consumers have already financially supported the films through their taxes, Ivo Kummer, head of the film department at BAK, told German-language Swiss public broadcaster SRF. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News » http://bit.ly/2FClNuT

Switzerland: IPTV continues to erode cable

The Swiss cable operators lost 130,500 TV customers last year, according to industry association Suissedigital, leading to a drop of the total number of cable households by 4.9% to 2.51 million. The cable companies’ main growth drivers remain internet and telephony: The number of broadband internet customers climbed by 64,500 to 1.21 million – an increase by 5.6%. The number of telephony customers rose by 52,700 to 718,000 – a growth by 7.9%. – Jörn Krieger, Broadband TV News

The Pirate Bay is offline after Swedish police seize servers

Back in September, The Pirate Bay claimed that it ran the site on 21 “raid-proof” virtual machines that meant if authorities raided one location the service would be OK. In this situation, it appears they weren’t quite raid-proof after all. […] Peter Sunde, co-founder and ex-spokesperson for The Pirate Bay wrote on his personal blog today that “few seem to care [that TPB has been raided]. And I’m one of them.” Sunde says the site was supposed to be closed down on its 10th birthday and expresses his disappointment that nobody took the site further, instead filling it with more and more ads. – Owen Williams,The Next Web
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Netflix, CBS Ink Expanded European Streaming Deal

Netflix and CBS Studios International Oct. 13 announced a license agreement giving the subscription streaming pioneer’s recent European territory launches access to select network and Showtime Networks programing, including pay-TV rights to “Penny Dreadful.” The pact, which includes rights to “Elementary,” “Dexter,” “Ray Donovan,” “Deadwood,” “Jericho” and “Under The Dome,” was announced at MIPCOM confab in Cannes, France. […] Recent Netflix European territory launches include Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. – Erik Gruenwedel,Home Media Magazine
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Streaming service Netflix arrives in Switzerland

“We are proud to bring the future of television to Switzerland,” said Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings in a statement. The service […] starts from 11.90 francs in Switzerland. The charge is comparatively higher than that set by Netflix in Germany, France and Austria, where users pay 7.99 euros (around 10 francs). – Caroline Bishop,The Local 
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Netflix Launches its Movie and TV Streaming Service in Germany

Netflix is slowly spreading its on-demand television and movie streaming service across Europe. After reaching the shores of France, the company today entered Germany in a bid to grow its user base […] The launch was announced in a tweet, and curious customers can register a new account via netflix.de. […] As part of the tweet, Netflix said it would be arriving soon in Austria and Switzerland. The company confirmed back in May that it also plans to launch its service in Belgium and Luxembourg later this year. – Nick Summers,The Next Web 
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Netflix video streaming site makes its debut in France

Netflix’s move into the French market will be quickly followed by launches in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, all part of a push that has already put local operators under pressure. […] The company has had to negotiate an assortment of local rules and regulations to achieve its planned second wave of European expansion. It faced particular obstacles in France, where the film and television industry is strictly regulated and heavily subsidised. TV channels and media companies in France are required to invest in domestic content and there have been fears that Netflix.fr would lure subscribers away from Canal+, the main source of financing for French-made films. – Reuters via FRANCE 24
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