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Man sued for using bogus YouTube takedowns to get address for swatting

Brady allegedly made fraudulent takedown notices against YouTube videos from at least three well-known Minecraft streamers. In one case, Brady made two false claims against a YouTuber and then sent the user an anonymous message demanding a payment of $150 by PayPal—or $75 in bitcoin. – Timothy B. Lee, Ars Technica » https://ift.tt/2z9aHZ6

It isn’t Christmas without online service outages

photo: The Verge

Although Roku’s boxes are the perfect size for (big) stocking stuffers, they didn’t do much good this morning — our own Andrew Hawkins found out the hard way that he was unable to configure a family member’s gift when he plugged it in. Initially, Channel Store, My Feed, and “other services” were affected, the company said, before declaring the issue resolved a little after 1PM Eastern Time. – Chris Ziegler, The Verge

How a group of neighbours created their own Internet service

photo: Ars Technica

Faced with a local ISP that couldn’t provide modern broadband, Orcas Island residents designed their own network and built it themselves. The nonprofit Doe Bay Internet Users Association (DBIUA), founded by Sutton, Brems, and a few friends, now provide Internet service to a portion of the island. It’s a wireless network with radios installed on trees and houses in the Doe Bay portion of Orcas Island. Those radios get signals from radios on top of a water tower, which in turn receive a signal from a microwave tower across the water in Mount Vernon, Washington. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica

How Canadian law views online streaming video

While the launch of the copyright system has proven to be an embarrassment for Industry Minister James Moore, many Canadians are still left wondering whether the law applies to Internet video streaming, which has emerged as the most popular way to access online video. […] The emergence of streaming video raises some interesting legal questions, particularly for users wondering whether the notice-and-notice system might apply to their streaming habits. The answer is complicated by myriad online video sources that raise different issues. – Michael Geist, The Toronto Star
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